Cosmic Candy: Horoscopes October 27th – November 2nd

Horoscope-Oct 27-Nov 2

This week Mars, having recently moved into Capricorn (Sunday, October 26), will begin its journey towards setting off the Uranus/Pluto square. We won’t get there until November 10-13th but the change of sign for the rambunctious planet is a notable shift in tone for each of us. 


Mars loves being in Capricorn. It’s the sign it is said to be exalted in. Held up on high here Mars can be strategic about using its endless energy. This kind of ambition is only going to be intensified when the red-hot wonder merges with Pluto on November 10th and squares Uranus on November 13th. It’s a tremendous amount of force that can be harnessed and used to our advantage, assisting us in getting great feats accomplished or one that can make a mockery of our best laid plans because our stone cold ambition takes over and we end up being a thoughtless ass. 


Needless to say, being conscious of how our ego, ambition, desire and drive get the best of us is something to look out for in the coming weeks. 


On a lighter note Venus and the sun will trine Neptune on Monday and Tuesday, hopefully helping us heal from last week’s eclipse ruptures and real talk.


Mercury, having now stationed direct, will conjunct the north node for the final time in its retrograde journey on Wednesday, October 29th. The north node is an eclipse point so Wednesday might contain a trailing teaching or two from October’s rocky road. 


Halloween night features a first quarter moon in Aquarius so let your costumes get inventive, thoughtful and progressive. Because #culturesarenotcostumes. This phase of the moon is about deciding, acting and doing what we need to do with the information gathered at the last new moon/solar eclipse.  


The rest of the weekend is full of some sweet treats and innocuous transits that may delight and distract momentarily. 


Thank Gods. 


Be well and travel light. It’s too late to be weighed down. 





Aries & Aries Rising

A couple of things. 


1) Your ruling planet, Mars, has just entered Capricorn. Mars loves being in Capricorn. It’s called getting shit done. And it does. The sign also affords the planet a little strategic impulse control. Never a bad thing.


2) While in Capricorn, Mars will charge headlong into a conjunction with Pluto and a square with Mars. Mars conjunct Pluto is a force of nature. Terrifying if used for ill. Awe-inspiring if used to accomplish a goal for good. Mars and Pluto together is like our little will merging with a bigger, universal will. What we do with that kind of power is all-together revealing about our inner desires and demons. 


3) Mars will then move on to square Uranus. Uranus is currently in your sign and has been since the spring of 2011. It’s been electrifying. Changing. Shifting. Breaking. Booming. Revolutionizing. And completely destabilizing (which is good when the things that are stable are really just weighing you down). Mars square Uranus is full of accidental-on-purpose-out-of-the-blue-disturbances. It can light a fire. It can burn. Brightly. Or it can burn it all down through unchecked ambition.


4)Mars is performing all these fancy tricks in your Tenth House of public displays of dominance and lofty, life-long goals. You could get a tremendous amount done right now. You could. If you can learn to pour your rage, your desire, your absolute ambition into something that will help your healing not your hubris. 


5) This all starts now and apexes around November 10-13th.


That is all.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

You know those people that get turned on to some new thing, like a philosophy or religion, or worse, the latest way to utilize the law of attraction, and then all they do is talk about it non-stop? Like it’s the answer to every single problem anyone has ever had? Like you never thought of it yourself?


Don’t be one of those guys. 


Don’t be a bossy-boots-know-it-all-have-all-the-answers momma, especially if you really do. Or just think you do. On the same note, don’t fall for any overbearing preachers or preachy yoga teachers either.


Being fanatical is fatal for experimentation. It limits possibilities. It limits creative potentials. It assumes that there is a one stop spiritual shop for everyone. As if we are as simple as our laptops. As if our spirits are all shaped the same. As if your souls howl at the same octaves. It’s preposterous. 


Don’t be that guy. 


But do be willing to be dedicated to what holds value for you. Do be willing to fight if necessary for what is worth fighting for. Do be willing to commit to the things and the people that are worth going through hell and back for. 


And it looks like this week shines a light on those who are. Soul mates are funny animals. They can’t be tamed. They can’t be tampered with. They can’t be expected to love you back the way you think they should. They just have to be loved as is, if you decide to commit to them without ever asking them to change


Don’t make a decision about someone just because you can though. Make one because it would be ridiculous for you not to. Make one because you would be a fool if you were to let this person, this moment and this circumstance go uncommitted to. 


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Your ruling planet is getting its act together. Mercury’s movements have finally redirected to forward motion. On Saturday, October 25th, Mercury stationed direct. This is a moment in the Mercury retrograde cycle that is usually felt for at least a day or two on either end. It just so happened that Mercury stationed direct two days after Thursday’s solar eclipse in Scorpio. 


It was a big week and weekend to say the least, but big doesn’t always come in the form of outward apocalyptic-style events. 


In fact what is so interesting about your current astrology is that you are moving into a time where most of the action will be internal. Sometimes the hardest part of doing inner work is that it can be so difficult to validate as actual work. Another part of doing this kind of work is that doing isn’t really part of it. There won’t always be much in the way of action for you to take. But there will be plenty in the way of feeling for you to sit with. 


As this week unfolds it offers you up one last (but it’s never really over is it?) round of wisdom for this Mercury retrograde cycle via your lover(s) or creative endeavors. There is a connection here and the connection is about being willing to let go of controlling others when you fear losing them.


As we make moves into the first ten days of November we are steadily heading towards some potentially explosive, destructive and very determined astrology. We can stay stuck in the seemingly unending cycle of gain and loss or we can step out of it and learn something about ourselves. 


Make up your mind up to use this energy of determination to understand your underlying motivations. Whatever you feel is OK. Whatever you feel is information about each moment. Whatever you feel is your gateway into understanding your own motivations. 


Making peace with our internal experience, whatever it is, is one of the most powerful things that we can do for our overall health. 


Sometimes it’s the only thing to do. 


Cancer & Cancer Rising

This is no time to blame others for how you feel. Let them take whatever blame they feel or don’t feel like taking. If there was ever a time to say “It’s none of my business,” this is it. Especially if there are others that appear to be causing you a lot of pain. Or anguish. Or that you wish you could just squish. Or punch in the mouth. I mean you wouldn’t do that (and for the record I strongly advise against it) but it’s healthy to admit when you want to.


We are as vile and repugnant as we are beautiful and full of light. But when we ignore the realities of the former… 


Violent reactions come barreling out of us. When we remain unaware of how current situations relate to past ones we become dangerously drunk on emotional hooch. As wee ones it seems like our most powerful point of action is crying, hitting, throwing or biting and in actual fact it is. We don’t have words, just actions. We don’t have logic, just emotion. We don’t have impulse control, just impulsive gut reactions. 


Consider the next couple of weeks ones that will highlight these more guttural responses via your intimate relationships with lovers, perceived enemies, and partners of all kinds. Remember the more potent a reaction to another, the less likely it is to actually be about them. I mean, yes, sure they are there and you are there and there is all of this goo between you but it’s there for your awakening. It’s there for your empowerment. It’s there for your self-sabotage or your self-understanding. 


Everyone that gets an intense response from you right now is your soul-mate. 


You don’t have to hang with them though. But if you want to get the most healing possible from this astrology you can view your interactions with them as a spiritual practice. Don’t get lost in overwhelming feelings, self-doubt or neediness. Recognize when present feelings are pointing to past situations. Make the connections, gather that data, send your partners blessings for the learning and then get on with your day. 


Leo & Leo Rising 

Your body is not a battleground, even if it feels like it sometimes. It’s sacred ground. Not to be over worked, underpaid and devalued. There is a law in Judaism that states that every seven years we are to let the land rest. To rejuvenate. To get a break. I’m not saying that this is a time for a break, but I want you to have that imagery because you might be enticed to overwork, overexert and over commit your legs and arms and belly and back. 


Your body is not a machine though it is a magical contraption that is here to facilitate this human experience for your spiritual being to enjoy. Your body is your partner. Try not to rush it, pound it, poke at it or run it into the ground. 


You have a lot of gas in the tank right now. You have a lot of irons in the fire. You have a lot going for you in your day-to-day goings on. It’s good. It’s great. As long as you are the one in control. As long as you are the one who is managing your output and not being made to feel like a robot. 


Beyond health issues and body burn-out there is also the potential for colleague and co-worker run ins and fall outs. You’re going to need to be smart about these next few weeks. Fast on your feet. Nimble with the numbskulls and no-nonsense with the nitwits. 


Stay out of work-related dramas. Stay out of office politics. See it all as a petri-dish like experience and experiment that you don’t get too emotionally tied into to. Just use the energy to get some good work done. Be a super star on the job rather than a has-been-flash-in-the-pan-reality-star-nightmare. I’m being dramatic but these issues and this astrology brings up your deeper childhood ones. Use the experiences here, via your health and in your employment, to help you to understand a deeper truth and your deeper motivations. 



Virgo & Virgo Rising

If this astrology doesn’t pull out your inner obsessive lover then you are doing great. The planets (especially Mars) will make it tempting but you won’t be that person. No. You won’t fall for the astrological tricks and influences. Instead you will pour the intensity of this moment and the ones that will fill up the next few weeks into creative endeavors and pursuits of passionate play. 


Every time you want to check up on your ex’s Facebook page you will get out your paintbrush and paper. Every time you find yourself getting on your boots to go take a walk down memory lane to see if they might be walking there too, you will chain yourself to the keyboard and pound your little heart out key by key. 


If you are already engaged in love affairs then you will stay out of the business of others and into the business of your creative concoctions as a way to maintain peace in your home, in your relationships, and in your parent/child partnerships if you have them. 


You will want to dig deep these next weeks but dig for yourself. Know when to leave well-enough alone when interacting with loved ones and instead of hounding someone for answers or validation use this energy to make a monument out of this moment. Get creating.


Your personal patron-saint, Mercury has just gone direct. It has stumbled over the same point a few times. This point is the north node. It is an eclipse point. It’s about openings and closings. It’s a deep one. 


Right now it has to do with your sense of self. It has to do with the kind of esteem you might hold yourself in. It has to do with coming clean about how you can learn to value your efforts more and wonder if you’re worth it. You are. Case closed. Use your creative power to proclaim that in every way possible because at the end of the day the most important things that you will say are to yourself. 




Libra & Libra Rising

Everyone is finally on board. As much as they can be at least. I’m talking planets and the end to a seemingly endless string of months of dudes and dames going retrograde in your sign. Or just hanging out there way past their expiration date. And the eclipses are over. Done with. Did it. So let’s get on with it.


It’s just that there’s this thing brewing in the underbelly of your being. A little/big situation at home, with the family, the roommates, the baseline and the foundation of your life. It’s just that there is a change, a movement, a force to be reckoned with there. It’s the kind of astrology that could turn you into a total nightmare to live with or a dream come true total-make-over-renovation-of-the-home-and-soul kind of family member or house mate. 


Either way there is some potent emotional digging that you will be doing from now until mid-November. It’s not the only show in town, but it’s one of the liveliest. Maybe it’s just that you are physically moving homes, but even in that scenario there is a psychic connection between the boxes you move and the emotions that get stirred with them. 


Notice what is moving at your base. Notice so that it doesn’t get the best of you. So that your old unconscious family drama doesn’t end up getting lived out with your real life momma. But if it does you can remember why it may be occurring. 


The best way to engage with this energy is to bring your rage, frustration and destructive tendencies to your therapist’s office. Get real with it. Get ugly (they won’t tell anybody) with it. Get wise to it. Otherwise it has the strength to overshadow the very best of your intentions. 




Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Like the calm after the storm the beginning of this week offers you a pretty good glow. A post-orgasmic kind of sheen. It might be some kind of spiritual insight that came after last week’s eclipse. It could be the kind of confidence that comes when we have survived such an ordeal. Or it could just be a moment of integration, one that I recommend soaking up as best you can. 


Your ruling planet, Mars, is marching steadfast towards a pretty intense destiny. 


Ferociously, you might say. Like a dog with a bone, your mind and your communications might be spiked with a certain spice. Argumentative? Perhaps. But I want to challenge you to be more than just a rabble rouser up to no good. Just hanging out getting someone’s goat isn’t going to get you much. 


This astrology can in fact help you to become very certain about what you want and completely obsessed with getting it. If we can convince you to stay with the former and temper the later we’ll be lucky. A focused mind is a formidable force but it can be a double edged sword especially for a fixed sign such as yourself. We know that you can get a little carried away once you set your sights on something so if we can get you to focus on what is best for your healing and not your ego you’ll be making some major moves with this astrology. 


If you can be hell bent on seeing the truth instead of seeing only what you think should be another’s point of view you’ll be in good standing with the stars. If you can use these moments as morsels to chew on so that you learn to radically accept everyone and everything as it is and as they are without trying to change it or them you’ll most likely see great strides in your awareness. Forcing anyone to do anything will only and always destroy the fabric and the foundation of what was once holding it altogether. 

Don’t destroy unless you know you can use the material to recreate. 


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

So much has been happening in the healing department for you that it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world for you to take a break. Whenever you can at least. You are rounding out a time of deep inner work, reflection and release of what was not you, couldn’t be you and never was you. This symbolic shedding takes its toll. 


This week is a mini break in a maelstrom of astro activity. So take it. There is more brewing. There is more brewing in your appetites for things and spending that you’ll need to look out for. There is more brewing in your desire to create financially as well as to understand your own earning capacity. More about this will become clear as the new year unfolds. 


For now the real work is about your ambition. For now the real work is learning how to orient yourself so that your ambition makes money honestly and in ways that make your heart go pitter-patter and your soul go va-va-voom. For now your real work is about honoring the energy it takes to make the bucks that fill the bank and fund your dreams. 


Because it’s never about the money. 


For now the deeper work is about laying down the internal boundaries it takes to do such a thing. There is a connection between understanding what you want, what you like and more importantly what you feel so that you can know what you don’t like, don’t want and don’t want to be made to feel like. 




Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Who knows why incarnation into the physical realm is such a freakin big deal. Apparently it’s the only way to self-actualization. Whatever that is. Does anyone actually know what that is? I think it has something to do with realizing that all is one. That we are all the same being and that separation is an illusion and really all there is is love. 


But. I’m hungry. And angry. And tired. 


Who can think of self actualizing when there is so much work to be done? Who can remember that we are all one when we are all crammed into the same subway car, streetcar, freeway and check-out line? Who has time to get connected when there are so many instructions that keep me disconnected?


You have some very powerful partnering energies with you in the next few weeks, ones that might have you fueled with ambition and high on feeling the power of your separation. You will most likely feel this pick-me-up physically. You could most certainly get a boost energetically. You could most definitely don a new and defiant attitude and a balls-to-the-wall fortitude. 


From now until mid-November is the kind of astrology that affords you a ridiculous amount of go-get-‘em but if used unconsciously it can come with a tremendous amount of grief. It’s lonely at the top if you’ve trampled everyone on the way up. It’s lonely at the bottom if you’ve scared everyone off with snarls and scowls. 


This astrology can help you get basically anything you want to get done, done. Just choose what that is and check in with yourself periodically, otherwise the next month looks like some pretty untamed and misused mayhem.



Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

While your career is still receiving the outcome of last week’s eclipse and still getting highlighted by the transit of sun and Venus to that area of your chart the real action in the coming weeks is going to be on much deeper, subterranean, internal levels. 


If you want to you can move mountains of internal psychic gunk right now. You know the kinds that come in the shape of suppressed rage, distorted shame and subversive guilt? Yes, those mountains. 


But these mountains are too treacherous to run up. They are too steep to stumble on. They are too rocky to roll down. These mountains are for the experienced climbers only. If you are just beginning try not to conquer the thing in one pass. Try not to worry about how far you have come or need to go. Just keep a tight grip to your lifeline. Just keep your eyes on the present moment. Just keep yourself honest and accountable. 


Just keep a dream journal. 


No seriously. If there was ever a time to talk to those wily coyotes of your dreamscape the time is now. Like have a good old talk with them. Write about them. Paint them. Dance them. Sing them. And remember to take breaks from them. You’re going to need breaks. You’re going to need to come up for air. You’re going to need to return to the land of the living intermittently on this journey through the landscapes laden with psychological gold wrapped in the kind of cloak only a monster would parade around in. 


Don’t be fooled by freakish Halloween costumes. This is a time when we are supposed to make fun of death, to make friends with the process of dying and to stare intensely into the dark night of our souls while laughing and celebrating in full drag. 



Pisces & Pisces Rising

You are going to have to deal with it. You’re going to have to deal with a certain amount of it. You are going to be called to do it out in front of everyone else. You can’t hide from this, though you would most likely rather float off downstream. 


Friction and a certain amount of aggression, ambition and cut-throat cunning may fill your social circles, colleague collectives and go-to spots to chill. It might just be a thing with a friend that gets you riled up. It might just be a disagreement with an organization that you work with or for. It might very well be a difference of opinion that you come right up against and are forced to acknowledge because you cannot ignore it. 


You cannot ignore this. 


Please do not. Your power is all wrapped up in it. Passive aggressive won’t work here. Passive won’t provide much in the way of protection. Neither will all out aggression. Neither will paranoia. Neither will momentarily feeling superior.


What will provide you with all you need in the form of a coat of arms is believing in yourself in the face of all those that might not. Or might. It’s hard to tell, when our projecting juices get flowing and our temper gets going, who is really doing what. The point is that whether it’s just in your mind or there really is a reason to be on the defense, the next few weeks will most likely have you questioning who to have allegiances with. 


Have them with yourself. Fear others less. Trust yourself more. Attack not at all but strategize how to best play ball because these next couple of weeks can have you accomplishing a tremendous amount if you choose your team wisely.  

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