10 Of Our Favorite ‘Normcore’ Pieces


‘Normcore’ style is picking up serious steam right now. It’s sort of hard for me to explain what ‘normcore‘ actually is (like….normal stuff, I guess?) but here’s my interpretation: It’s about simplicity. It’s an elevated take on items that were never really considered particularly fashionable: Sweatpants, sweatshirts, T shirts. It’s about choosing pieces that are less fancy and more normal and while that seems well, simple, it’s actually pretty representative of what’s happening in fashion right now: It blends athletic influence and puts a premium on looking effortless, two thing that are huge right now. It ever incorporates androgyny – and I firmly believe that while women are embracing that tomboy style more and more, mens’ fashion is beginning to skew more fitted and feminine than ever before.

To put it simply, I think this whole normcore is here to stay. Are you ready to embrace it? These 10 pieces might be a great place to start.

[image via Stylist Canada]

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