7 Spooky TV Shows To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

If your Halloween plans include less binge drinking and more couch lounging, less sexy-costume-wearing and more sweatpants-chilling, then you’re in the right place. We firmly believe that even if you don’t make it out tomorrow night — or if you only manage to party forĀ one night of Halloweekend — you can still get into the holiday spirit.
We have a very specific formula for acheiving this Halloweeness: You take copious amounts of candy and eat it all while watching something vaguely spooky/scary/supernatural/creepy. If you really do it right, you’ll wake up the next morning still in a food coma, covered in candy wrappers with a slight recollection of the vampire-laced dreams you had the night before.
Here are 7 shows that fit into this plan spook-tacularly. Binge watch (and eat) away.

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