5 Hot Cocktails for Cold Days


When it’s cold outside and you’re torn between the seductive pull of a night out and the idea of lounging around in sweats, drinking hot chocolate, and binge watching Netflix, we have a perfect solution for you. It blends the best of both worlds — the buzzed fun of a night out and the glorious laziness of a night in. All you have to do is whip up one (or five) of these delicious cocktails to warm you right up on a cold night.

We all know that a hot toddy is perfect for bad weather — but we also know that they’re not exactly the most delicious things in the world. These recipes, on the other hand, are yummy enough to double as dessert.

1. Alcoholic Hot Chocolate

Alcohol and chocolate. Just let that sink in for a minute. This recipe is super simple and takes just 10 minutes. You probably have a lot of the ingredients you need just lying around so really, why would you not make this? Find the full recipe here.

2. Hot Apple Cider with Rum

There’s really nothing better than a nice steamy cup of apple cider on a crisp fall day. Then, you add some rum into the mix, and it’s next level. This is a simple recipe that produces a satisfying result. You just have to stud the apple with cloves while attempting to make this. Find the full recipe here.

3. Orange Pisco Hot Chocolate

You know those really insanely delicious chocolate oranges that used to be so popular? The ones you had to slam down to break? Yeah, this is basically a drinkable version of that. But alcoholic. Find the full recipe here.

4. Salty Maple Buttered Cider

If you like salted caramel, you will love this recipe. If you don’t like salted caramel, who are you? This buttery, salty, spicy cocktail will warm you right up form the inside and unlike some hot cocktail recipes, it isn’t aggressively sweet. Find the full recipe here.

5. Spiked Pumpkin Spice Latte

Yup. Go ahead. Blink. You read that right. It’s a pumpkin spiced latte that is spiked. If that doesn’t send the PSL frenzy into overdrive, I don’t know what will. Find the full recipe herebut if you’re too lazy for it, we won’t judge you for simply tossing some rum into your pre-made Starbucks PSL.

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