5 Steps To Kate Middleton-Shiny Hair

Kate Middleton

Who doesn’t want hair that basically glimmers in the sunlight a la Kate Middleton‘s glorious mane?
The duchess may have hit the genetic lottery when it comes to hair but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to getting your strands to shine the way hers do – it’s not an asset that’s only available to royals, after all. So how do you get your shiniest hair? These 5 tips are a good place to start.

  1. Skip a few washes: You’ve heard it once and you’ll hear it again from me: Don’t wash your hair every day. Believe it or not, those natural oils are really good for your hair. When you over wash, you’re stripping those from your strands – and having those healthy oils in these will help your hair hold on to its shine. Try switching to a wash every other day instead. Your hair may look a bit greasier than usual for a week or so but don’t stress – it will adjust to the new routine really quickly. This tip may not work well for you if you have exceptionally thin or oily hair but for most girls, less frequent shampoos can be a good thing.
  2. Take a cold shower: Granted, it doesn’t sound very comfortable but a blast of cold water can really infuse some shine into your hair. If you’re not big on the idea of dousing yourself in cold water, try this little trick: Shower and wash your hair as usual, then switch to cold water and hit your head with a blast of it. The cold water will force your cuticle to flatten out, smoothing your hair down and allowing it to reflect light – this tip is a good one for frizzy-haired girls too.
  3. Oil up: Regular oil massages are so, so good for your hair. Heat up a small bowl filled with the oil of your choice (kitchen staples like olive and coconut will work) for about 20 seconds. then dip your fingers into the bowl and massage lots of oil into your hair – be sure to really massage your scalp! This stimulates growth and nourishes your hair so well. Just be sure to wash the oil out really well after sleeping with it in overnight.
  4. Point it down: If you blow dry your hair, try holding the dryer over your head, pointing the nozzle down towards your strands. If the hot air comes at your hair from the angle, you’ll get that sleek, shiny look you’re craving. Try running a brush through your strands slowly while aiming the nozzle down once your hair is dry to seal the look.
  5. Reach for a product: This is sort of a no-brainer but sometimes you can get the shiniest hair by slicking on a shine-boosting product. If none of the solutions above are cutting it for you, try picking up  good serum or shine spray. Once your styles your hair as usual, simply apply this product. Follow up by brushing your hair out well to distribute the sheen and voila Рinstant shin.

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