Why RIGHT NOW Is Actually The Perfect Time To Buy A Bathing Suit

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Here’s one fashion cycle that seems to be more common than it should be: Come early May, girls start frantically searching for a few perfect, flattering swimsuits, pieces that’ll smooth out any imperfections and display assets like no other. We’re so excited about the upcoming warm weather, we don’t even care that we’re spending more than we should on teeny tiny scraps of fabric. Sound familiar? It certainly does to me.
But recently I’ve figured out a little trick: Swimsuits should be purchased ahead of time – like in the fall – and kept safely for months until the sun peeks through once again. It can be tough to buy an item that you can’t wear right away, but consider this: Swimsuits are on sale right now. So why turn down the chance to get ’em for less? Right now is the perfect time to snag a good suit. You’ll have a ton of time to look at all your options, eliminating that pressure to find the right one right away, and you’ll pay for what you’re getting. Let’s face it: Swimsuits are ridiculously overpriced. Let’s take advantage of deals when we see them. These retailers have tons of sale bathing suits for you to peruse.
Nordstrom: I generally advocate getting cheapie swimsuits but I do believe that every girl is allowed to splurge on one suit that will last forever. This should be something comfortable, super flattering, classic and – IMHO – a one-piece. They may not seem super sexy but if you find the right one-piece, I think it can actually be even sultrier than a bikini. Nordstrom has an amazing selection of one-pieces that won’t make you look like a grandma. This one is super cute but relatively affordable.
Forever 21: The suits at F21 are always cheap…but let’s be honest, the quality could be better. Still, if you can snag one of these at a super-low sale price, it isn’t a huge deal if you only get a few wears out of it before it falls apart. How cute is this flouncy little suit? Here’s the top and here’s the bottom.
6pm: Hello, sales! I recently discovered this site and I’ve bought two bathing suits from it and the past few months. You can find truly amazing deals on brands like Badgley Mischka and Nanette Lepore. I mean, just check out this clearance section. 
J Crew: J Crew is always sort of sale central and the store is also known for making  quality swimwear. You have to love the color selection of this bikini…and the price ain’t bad either.
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