10 Disney Movie Soundtrack Songs You Forgot You Loved

Getting all nostalgic about Disney music normally means blasting “Part of Your World” (which you should do as often as possible). But there were plenty of tracks featured in Disney movies with absolutely no magical queens or talking animals that deserve to be revisited.

1. “Miracles Happen” from The Princess Diaries


Or that song you danced around to as you imagined exactly how your parents would break the news to you that you were actually royalty.

2. “Get a Clue” from Get a Clue


Oh, Lindsay Lohan, you were such a stylish detective.

3.  “Supernova Girl” from Zenon Girl of the 21st Century


If we all work together, we can make this a hit in 2049.

4. “Dig It” from Holes


The first and last time a book you had to read in middle school had its own rap.

5. “What Dreams Are Made of” from The Lizzie McGuire Movie


That costume change is what dreams are made of.

6. “Slam Dunk (Da Funk)” from Smart House


Admit it, you totally learned the dance moves, too.

7. “I Put a Spell on You” from Hocus Pocus


Ok, so you remember you love it now, but you’ll forget again by January.

8. “Rhapsody in Blue” from Fantasia 2000


Because classic jazz can be catchy too.

9. “Dancing in the Street” from Recess: School’s Out


Myra was responsible for so many elementary school dance parties in the early 2000s.

10. “Supergirl” from The Princess Diaries


Seriously, just put the whole soundtrack on your #TBT playlist, it’s as good as you remember it.

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