The Beginner's Guide To Your First Spin Class

I always wanted to try a spin class, so when a swanky new spin studio opened up in town I pulled on my spandex and headed downtown. Long story short, I didn’t finish my first class and barfed all over myself. But even with that unhappy ending, I was hooked on that (short-lived) experienced. Here are 3 things to expect from your first spin class.  1. SWEAT You’ll sweat. And by sweat I don’t mean a damp spot on your hairline. I’m talking drenched. Don’t worry about sweat stains, because your entire shirt will be damp and the same color by the end of it. Luckily, almost all spin studios provide towels and everyone will be just as sweaty! Make sure to bring a change of clothes, because the outside world won’t understand when they see a large damp spot on your shorts.  2. BEATS The music plays a HUGE part in spin classes. It seriously puts you in the zone and motivates you to pedal like a speed demon. Like a lot of spin classes today, the class I was in was candlelit and blasted upbeat music. It felt like I was at clubbing, except for the fact that I was sober and didn’t have to worry about a guy randomly grinding up behind me. Each spin instructor has their own taste, but expect anything from Britney Spears, to Swedish House Mafia, to Notorious B.I.G.  3. ASS KICKING Prepare to get your ass kicked hard at your first spin class. You’ll be feeling fine and then suddenly you’re told to crank up the tension on your bike –- and then suddenly your jelly legs kick in. Spin class isn’t just a lower body workout – you’ll work your core (and arms in some classes too!) as well. You’ll definitely feel the spin class hangover the next morning. Some tips I picked up at my spin studio: –Stay hydrated. Bring a big water bottle and make sure you actually drink it during class! It helps to be hydrated hours before your class too — that’s how hardcore it is. –Make sure your bike is properly fitted. If you’re not sure how your bike should fit, your spin instructor will gladly adjust your bike for you. Nothing is worse than having a seat that’s too tall and far away from the handlebars! –Fuel up. Don’t try to spin on an empty stomach. Have a light snack about 30 minutes before class starts. –Listen to your body. As mentioned earlier, I puked all over myself midway through class. I suddenly felt really tired so I turned down the tension at first. When that didn’t help, I popped off my bike and headed for some air (and assistance from the studio employees). It’s fine to push yourself, but not to the point of no return. –Choose the right clothing. Snug fitting bottoms like leggings and shorts are a must. I opted for a loose tank and a light support sports bra, but it’s ultimately up to you whether you want a tank or t-shirt. As for fabrics, sweat-wicking material will keep you the most comfortable.

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