Leslie Knope Will Be Disappointed If You Don't Vote Today

Parks and Rec’s resident feminist and patriot Leslie Knope loves many things — waffles, Ben, organized binders. But there is nothing she loves quite as much as the democratic process. If you’re a US citizen and you’re at least 18, today is the day you get to participate in that process by voting, whether that’s for a mayor, a governor, or a member of congress. And whatever excuses you can come up with for not voting, Leslie isn’t hearing any of them.

So your imaginary best friend Leslie Knope heard you were thinking of avoiding your civic duty and not voting today.


That you just don’t have the time for the privilege of casting your ballot.


Or you don’t see the point, because your one vote wouldn’t count anyways.


That you’d rather sleep in then get to the polls before class.


┬áMaybe you feel like you don’t know enough about the candidates to vote.


But these politicians will be making decisions about your future, and you can have a say in which politicians will make them.


 So suck it up and make sure your vote is counted.


Because Leslie Knope is always watching.

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