20 Netflix Necessities: Welcome To The Queue Of Your Dreams

Some people call the current season fall, while others refer to it as autumn. Personally, I prefer to take the third option and call the┬áperiod between late September and early December “Netflix and cookies season.”
I mean, think about it. All of these new shows have been released, but it’s too early to be legit hooked on any of them. Pretty Little Liars isn’t coming back for a few more months. The weather is nasty (at least where I live). All signs point to this: My Netflix account is going to be getting a whole lot of play in the next few months. Which is really saying something, because Netflixing is always high on my list of hobbies, right between online shopping and snacking.
I consider myself something of a Netflix connoisseur, having dabbled in both Netflix originals and network shows, series and sitcoms, shows meant for adults and shows about high school (although, admittedly it’s usually more of the latter). I’ve even watched some of the movies on there, which is nuts because everyone knows Netflix Instant is really all about the TV shows. Today I’m bringing my expertise to the masses, sharing a few must-have items for your fall instant queue. Go forth and conquer, my fellow couch potatoes.

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