8 Children's Books That Should Be Made Into TV Shows

If you’re still disappointed with the lack of sequels to the 2004 film adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events, don’t worry, the Baudelaire orphans and Count Olaf are getting another shot with a Netflix series. Here’s hoping some other deserving children’s books get picked up on TV. 1 Frindle  By Andrew Clements A perfect role for the next precocious child star, this story about word origins would be a perfect vehicle for hashtag games.   2. The Alice Books  By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Naylor’s Alice series now stretches across twenty-eight books, and though it has had a movie adaptation (starring the little dancing girl from the Missy Elliot video and the blonde brother from High School Musical), there’s definitely enough teen angst for a solid coming of age show.   3. Hatchet  By Gary Paulsen Like Bear Grylls for kids, Hatchet got a film adaptation in 1990, but the teen survival story deserves another shot at screen time.   4. Better Nate Than Ever  By Tim Federle  Glee is coming to an end, Smash was DOA, but a show about a little kid breaking into the musical theater world might be the perfect vehicle for covers of show tunes.   5. Dead End in Norvelt  By Jack Gantos With Twin Peaks coming back to TV, it’s time for a bizarre TV renaissance, and this historical novel about a kid’s summer job transcribing obituaries would definitely be a good start.   6. Stargirl  By Jerry Spinelli One of the original manic pixie dream girls, Stargirl sort of seems like Jessica Day’s quirky kid sister. A TV series would leave enough time to explore all of Stargirl’s quirks, and possibly add a few more technology based ones (maybe she keeps screenshots of the happy Whisper secrets?)   7. Running Out of Time  By Margaret Peterson Haddix Syfy’s next hit right here- this was The Village before The Village.  Our heroine grew up in an 19th century town only to learn it’s practically the 21st century. And the reason she’s journeying out into the ’90s? The people who run the town aren’t letting the kids access life saving 21st century medicine.   8.  Harriet the Spy  By Louise Fitzhugh Yes, this classic has already gotten a 1996 film adaptation (and one in 2010 we’re not going to talk about), but the void left by Veronica Mars for a kickass girl detective still needs to be filled…   [Lead image via]