Oprah’s Favorite Things On a College Budget

If your mom seems super excited today, it’s probably because Oprah has published her yearly list of “Favorite Things.” While you might dream of a day when all your student debt is paid and your high paying job makes picking up a $400 dog bed seem natural, as a college student you can probably just afford to get an extra large latte to sip while you flip through the list. Luckily, CollegeCandy has put together some college budget-friendly alternatives to the pricier list items.

Initial Stud Earrings

Show of your initials with some sparkle for the cost an English textbook or for the price of a new tank top.



Oprah’s Favorite Things-$80 per earring                            College Candy Alternative-$13.99


Green Coffee Mugs

The difference between drinking hot water in style and being able to actually afford some coffee, too.


Oprah’s Favorite Things-$12o for four cups                                 College Candy Alternative-$51.96 for four cups


Fuzzy Robes

How can the one without doughnuts cost more?



Oprah’s Favorite Things-$84 per robe                                          College Candy Alternative-$32.99


Fancy Ball Point Pens

This is how friendships end – you loan your roommate your $36 pen, and soon your affection for her, is lost forever. You can loan our alternatives to the flakiest kid in your history class.



Oprah’s Favorite Things-$36 per pen                                             College Candy Alternative-$4.54 per pen


Pajama Set

While visions of student loans dance in your heads, it might disturb your sleep to wear PJs that cost over $100.


Oprah’s Favorite Things-$155                                                        College Candy Alternative-$54.95


Jewelry Box

Our pick is still a little pricy, but can you really put a price on avoiding untangling a necklace knot every morning?


Oprah’s Favorite Things-$135                                              College Candy Alternative-$69.78



You could enjoy a few nights of pasta for three months for under $80, or a daily helping of Ramen for under $60.


Oprah’s Favorite Things-$75 for three months               College Candy Alternative-$55.80 for four 24 packs

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