90s Kids Books Were About Your 20s All Along

Lately the book series of our youth have been getting twenty-something make-overs, with these imaginary relaunches tweaking their titles so the Baby-Sitters Club includes Stacey Turns Down for What? and Goosebumps adds¬†The Juice Cleanse Walks at Midnight. A quick look at the titles of your childhood bookshelf will reveal that these books were really always about your college and post grad life, they just didn’t have the right cover art.


Don't Die My Love

Our affections have shifted a little since middle school.


Babysitters Club

Mary Anne babysat her extremely drunk friend, saving the day by stopping her from giving her number, and her underwear, to the bouncer.


Help I'm Trapped in My Teacher's Body

Unfortunately this isn’t a Freaky Friday moment, just the passage of time. Check out the sequel, Oh My God, Now I’m in My Mother’s Body!


>Junie B. Jones

And on the public stupid smelly bus you have to stand.


Girl Talk

¬†Come on Sara, get the new iPhone. I know you can’t afford it right now, but everyone’s doing it.



Samantha never had to study for midterms in high school!


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

You kind of have to tell them in the dark, because you totally forgot to pay your electric bill.


Sleepover Friends

No Eric, after last night, no more sleepovers.

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