15 Things That Were Only Acceptable in the 90s

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I’m proud to say I grew up in the ’90s. A lot of cool shit happened back then. Slap bracelets were invented, chatting online became a “thing,” and Titanic hit theaters and made every girl fall hopelessly in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite its awesomeness, a lot happened back in the ’90s that I’m happy to say didn’t continue into the 2000s. Here are 15 things that were cool back then but would NEVER be acceptable today.

1. Boys who wear clothes like this.

saved by the bell gif

2. Or this.

clueless gif baggy pants

3. The “Rachel” haircut.

friends rachel gif

4. Bangs that look like this.

full house bangs gif

(Even though Kelly Kapowski actually made them look good)

saved by the bell kelly kapowski

5. The fact that a wooden popsicle stick was the host of a TV show.

nick gif

6. Having to wait to see what TV shows were on.

 tv guide gif 90s nostalgia

7. Having to wait to get on the Internet.

aol slow connection gif

8. Dance moves like this.

macarena gif

9. Lindsay Lohan’s innocence.

 lindsay lohan parent trip innocent

10. Commercials like this:

bubble yum

11. Or this.

mcdonalds gif

12. Cell phones that are larger than your head.

 saved by the bell gif phone  

13. These awful bandanas.


14. Neon scrunchies.


15. And pretty much anything Alex Mack wore, but specifically this hat.


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