10 of TV’s Great Musical Moments


Last night, Supernatural (the show responsible for at least half the GIFs on Tumblr) aired its 200th episode, “Fan Fiction,” which featured multiple musicals numbers bound to become classics. Beyond the infamous Glee, many of the best shows of the last two decades have released their own musical episodes (“Once More With Feeling” will always be amazing), and even the shows without dedicated mini-musicals have had their own numbers worth YouTubing (often supplied by karaoke field trips). Here are a few that deserve a spot on your Broadway playlist.

1. “What’s Going to Happen” (Scrubs)

“Guy Love” normally gets all the attention when Scrub’s musical episode is mentioned, but this sweet number sung by the hallucinating patient responsible for the sudden singing is worthy of mention, if only for JD’s mood destroying last word.


2. “And I Will Always Love You” (Gilmore Girls)

Because she will always love Luke. And he was totally singing it back with his eyes.


3. “Sixth Period” (Even Stevens)

An anthem for overworked middle schoolers everywhere.


4. “Zou Bisou Bisou” (Mad Men)

It’s hard to say what’s better about this Mad Men moment, Don’s face or the thousands of people trying to figure out how to spell “Zou Bisou Bisou” for their tweet.


5. “Where Do We Go From Here?” (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Every song in this episode was golden (even “They Got the Mustard Out”), but it’s this closing song that manages to sum up Buffy as a whole.


6. “Time After Time” (Parks and Rec)

It was only a matter of time before there was a spontaneous parks department sing-a-long.


7. “Christmas Rap” (Community)

Because the spirit of Christmas is all about getting to regionals.


8. “Les Mis” (Key and Peele)

A perfect send-up of the bloated musical and the common song style of every singing over each other-very dramatic, but not the best way to have a conversation.


9. “One Way Or Another” (Veronica Mars)

Kristen Bell shows off her singing ability eight years before Frozen.

10. “A Single Man Tear” (Supernatural)

Everything the fans of this long running show about killing demons and showing your deep, deep emotional scars with a silent, soulful tear could have wanted.

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