Steal Kylie Jenner’s Look With This Beauty Tutorial

Kylie Jenner Beauty Tutorial

It’s no secret that everyone is talking about Kylie Jenner‘s look. Granted, all of the Kardashian/Jenner girls get major media attention… but when it comes to hair and makeup, Kylie is clearly the family member with an insane amount of influence.

Her look is bold, edgy, and a huge departure from her fresh-faced, innocent childhood appearance, and right-on for what’s happening in fashion and beauty right now. We’ve been embracing 90s style and the beauty tips that reigned in that decade – and there’s really no beauty look as 90s (and therefore as right now) as dark matte lipstick a la Kylie Jenner. Add her punky blue streaks and emo-goth fashion picks to the mix and you have yourself a trend maven.

But enough about why her look is getting so much recognition – let’s get into how you can score the same look at home. There are so, so, so many tutorials circulating the Internet right now, but this one just might be among the best. Kaushal Beauty uploaded a simple yet detailed, easy to follow guide to scoring a very similar look. The proof is in the end result, and hers looks eerily similar to the one and only Kylie Jenner’s. Now, if only we could learn her Instagram (/photoshopping) tricks, we’d really be in business.

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