Gilmore Girls Reunion: 10 Questions We Hope They Answer

Gilmore Girls reunion

It’s official. There’s going to be a Gilmore Girls reunion (cue the upbeat, something’s going to happen “la las”). Rory, Lorelai, and the show’s writer¬†Amy Sherman-Palladino will all be together at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas in June of next year (so book your flight immediately). That gives us all plenty of time to gather the important questions we’ve been asking ourselves since the fast talking show went off the air seven years ago.

Is Paul Anka still alive? Be honest.

Gilmore Girls Paul Anka

How did Sookie exact her revenge against Jackson for lying about his vasectomy?

Gilmore Girls Sookie

Who won the election Rory was covering?

Gilmore Girls finale

What are the girl’s feelings on the new Taylor Swift album?

Gilmore Girls Lorelai

Does Rory have enough e-books for two Kindles?

Gilmore Girls books

What’s Miss Patty’s stance on twerking?

Gilmore Girls Miss Patty

Does Luke’s offer any gluten free options?

Luke Gilmore Girls

How many elementary schools did Gigi get kicked out of?

Gilmore Girls gigi

Does Logan still Facebook stalk Rory?

Gilmore Girls Logan


Gilmore Girls questions

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