Five Beauty Vloggers Who Are Worth The Follow

Five Beauty Vloggers Who Are Worth The Follow1

The wonderful thing about having the entire Internet literally at our fingertips is that we can easily figure out how to do pretty much anything. Whether that’s unclogging a drain or baking a pie, being able to watch someone else do what we’re attempting right on our little screens just makes everything easy.

I love the practical functions of YouTube when I really need to learn how to do something – but honestly? Nine times out of ten, the things that really excite me are the fun videos.

Beauty vloggers are essentially taking over YouTube and the really wonderful thing about this is that you can learn how to curl your hair or apply false lashes or create the perfect smokey eye without even leaving your home or shelling out any cash. Tutorials are sort of the bread and butter of beauty blogging but the concept has expanded to include product reviews, home tours, and simple Q&A videos. Following beauty vloggers is not only a great way to learn about new techniques and products, it’s also just fun – since it’s literally more dimensional than reading a blog, you feel like you know the person. There are so many great bloggers out there – these five are just a few of the ones worth watching.


Nicole Geurriero: Nicole is a seriously talented makeup artist who has expressed her interest in building up an encyclopedic knowledge of beauty products – and I would say she’s succeeding. The best thing about her videos, though, is the fact that her sassy personality really shines through. Seriously, watch her videos and tell me ‘sassy’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind – she is truly entertaining.



 Not Your Typical Dollface: The great thing about this vlogger? She tells it like it is. I can distinctly remember coming across one of her videos when I was thinking about splurging on a pricey lipstick. She essentially said that while the lipsticks were nice, she didn’t love them and I found that super refreshing. I mean, I bought the lipstick anyway but that’s beside the point.



Carli Bybel: If super glamorous, heavy makeup is your thing, you will love Carli Bybel.  She applies and wears makeup really well and her videos always seem super professional. I also have to give Carli props for consistency – there is so much content on her channel. Her boyfriend makes frequent appearances and watching them together has that sort of reality TV show appeal we can’t help but love.


Miss Liz Heart: I think the best thing about this particular vlogger is that she just seems so sweet and down to the Earth. She has a  super positive, upbeat vibe that’s easy and fun to watch and her product reviews are always beautifully shot and filled with the right balance of information and personality.



Amelia Liana: If you want a side of humor with your beauty scoops, this is the channel you want to watch. Amelia is so goofy in all her videos and watching them makes you feel like you’re just hanging out with your girlfriends. She’s not afraid to tackle TMI topics, include bloopers in her videos and share personal anecdotes.

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