Wardrobe Essentials: Awesome Everyday Bags For Under $200


Last week we talked about the accessories every girl should own. Among these must-haves? A great everyday bag. Finding a great carryall isn’t just about having a cute bag to complete your outfits; it’s also about making your life easier. If you have a great-quality neutral bag that adds a little something to pretty much any daytime look and carries all the stuff you need….well, let’s just say you’re more likely to leave your wallet at home or lose your keys. And let’s not forget about makeup – tossing a few travel-sized versions of your must-have beauty items means you’ll have them on hand whenever you need them.

I suggest finding a great bag that can streamline your life. The exact right size is up for debate – it’s really about how much stuff you want to carry with you. I would suggest finding something that will take your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, a small snack, a little makeup kit and, if you’re nerdy like I am, a book or Kindle, at the very minimum.

When it comes to an everyday bag, I think a splurge is totally alright. After all, you’re going to be carrying it with you a lot and you want something that looks great, is durable. bears a classic style and most importantly, is something you truly love. Investment bags are great but if you’re not up for a major splurge, shop these picks. They’re all less than $200 (some are way less) but still really great options.

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