Cosmic Candy: Horoscopes November 17th – 23rd

Horoscope-Nov 17-Nov 23

On Tuesday November 18th at 3:50 am EST the sun will conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. This will be the last time the two connect in this sign for about another 29.5 years. It happened twice before in the last two years, once on October 25th of 2012 and again on November 6th of 2013. Last week Venus also made a conjunction to Saturn and the last full moon in Taurus had the Stern Ones signature all over it as well.

Saturn, at the time of an exact conjunction with the sun (otherwise known as cazimi or in the heart of) has the rare ability to bestow on us its greatest powers. Its a process of purification via the suns rays. Its a moment of alchemy especially given the fact that Saturns metal is lead and the suns is gold. Its a moment to take pause and encourage our evolution, maturity and integrity.

Some questions to ask ourselves with this transit are, What have I truly committed to? How have I matured? How have I grown in terms of experiencing intimacy? What have I become clearer on? What have I gotten sober about? Where has my melancholy turned into mastery? Where have I been able to give-up control and give over to the mystery?

On Saturday, November 22nd there will be a new moon in Sagittarius at 7:32 am EST. Its happening just moments after the sun and moon enter the sign. Its super-Sagittarius with a little twist of dreamy, delusional Neptune. Its a moon that wants to set us out a wandering especially after all of this ultra serious work we have been doing with Saturn and the gang in Scorpio.

But. Wait.

Saturn is approaching Sagittarius momentarily. December 23rd to be exact. So this new moon also feels like a preparation for that event. Using it to clear the way for some of Saturns lessons is one way to utilize this weeks potential.

Seed well sweet ones,


Aries & Aries Rising

Time to travel. And time travel. And unravel the tighter schedules that hold you to what to do and when. Saturday’s new moon starts a stampede in your Ninth House of ramblinfever. It’s kind of like Saturday Night Fever but it’s going to last a lot longer. And has a lot more to do with your outlook than your Facebook. Are your overarching beliefs, ideas, understandings and philosophies self-defeating or self-affirming?

Learning how to travel inward as well as outward takes time and you are about to get a 3 year (give or take 6 months) turn at the wheel as Saturn also enters your Ninth House in December. This new moon is a precursor to that.

Learning new things, formalizing your education, and reaching out to elders, teachers and wisdom-holders of all kinds will also be on your agenda. You will start to become far more interested in how your faith sustains you through the winning and losing that accompany each day than with wining and losing itself.

Truth and the nature of it are about to become far more captivating a prize than any trinket you find along your trail.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

We teach other people how to treat us. We teach other people what our worth is. We teach other people what our value is. We teach other people how to value us. We teach other people how to devalue us. We teach other people how to misuse or abuse us. And we teach other people when we are finished learning those lessons

We teach what we most need to learn. We master what we learn to teach.

I encourage you to take some time this Tuesday to recognize the ways in which you have grown in this area of life. The past couple of years could have felt a little demolishing to your self-esteem in the realm of relationships. But all the cosmos was really trying to get you to do was stand up for yourself, harness your ability to treat yourself with respect and then to act that out in your intimate affairs. Just that.

But time has yet to run out. Whatever ground you have covered in terms of these lessons is valuable. In fact it’s extremely important that you don’t devalue what you’ve done because it wasn’t enough in your estimation.

Saturday’s new moon occurs in your Eighth House of wow, I didnt realize I was so obsessed with [insert name here]. It’s also the house of wow, Im not going to live forever and the house of wow, I really lose a lot of power when I allow my fears to control my life. It’s a good weekend to acknowledge some of those beasts. It’s a good weekend to wonder if it isn’t time to break the habits that bind you to superstition, delusions and irrational reactions to an apparent loss of power.   


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Pray for a journey that will direct you to a heart opening. Set off on an adventure to find your true twin. Roam off into the wild blue yonder singing a song of surrender.

Because you’ll need to.

There are a multitude of lessons lining up at loves door for you to explore. There’s a bevy of beautiful boundaries that are excitedly awaiting your arrival. Put them in place. There’s a bountiful abundance of babes that are being magically moved about by the loving hands of the universe so that they land smack dab in the middle of your path. They might stay. They might not. They might make you cry with joy. They might make you laugh with sadness. They most definitely will help you understand how to better be in relationship. Make use of the lessons. They’ll carry you far.

Saturday’s new moon is occurring in your Seventh House of intimate relationships and Saturn will begin it’s 3 year stay there (give or take 6 months) at the end of December. You are a sign known for your need to find a mate, muse or match: the experience of being mirrored by someone is essential to your growth. The next few years are not necessarily about happy endings though (but get them when you can); they are about understanding that everyone that you are in intimate partnership with are there to teach you invaluable lessons.

Some relationships will start to reveal themselves as necessary and some as necessarily not enhancing your life with anything much. Let those people exit your sphere naturally and try not to resuscitate what wants to leave peacefully.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

You just can’t get away with it anymore. Your body won’t take it and therefore neither will your work schedule. It’s too late in the game to be laid out with a hangover. Get to work on getting your sweat on and your grind good. If not you’ll become the henchman to a health crisis in a hot second.

With the arrival of Saturday’s new moon, my #1 recommendation for you is to promise yourself that you will take better care of you. You can start by building a new relationship with nutritious food. You can throw out all the processed gunk in your cupboards. You can create a space at home that is dedicated to physical wellness. It matters not what I say to do, what matters is what you will most likely find some joy in doing-otherwise it just won’t get done. And that is no good.

Saturn is finishing up its stay in your Fifth House which means that over the past two years you’ve learned a tremendous amount about your creative, erotic and romantic energy. You’ve learned things like how to manage it, produce with it, serve it and serve with it. On Saturns travels through this terrain, it wants to get you solid in your sense of creative self expression.

This Tuesday there is an opportunity to reflect and express just how far you have come with all of that. Its a time to celebrate your creations, acknowledge your ability to use your gifts and to say thank you to all of the romances that have crossed your path and opened you up.


Leo & Leo Rising

Bow wow Leo, love. Love. With that big heart and that beautiful soul. Love like you haven’t been trampled all over. Or love like you have been, it’s more honest that way. Whatever you have to give is exactly what is needed. And it’s enough. Because no one is supposed to get out of here intact or untouched. If you are alive you will get scarred, scathed, bruised and trodden on.

I know. It’s a year when a lot is going good for you. You have Jupiter in your sign and all those jazz hands have been waiving about in your horoscopes, but..… But. Lets be real. If you really want to build something out of all this passion and promise, then you have to be willing to see the flaws in the plan, in the partners, in the dreams and in the schemes so you can choose the best way to move through it all.

We can’t live on what floats our boat alone. There is a price we have to pay for going towards any shiny object, even when it’s our heart’s deepest desire. So how do we find our way towards a responsible love? How do we find the time to pursue our passions? How do we structure a life that has depth, desire and space?

Saturday’s new moon asks you to recommit to a love long lost. Maybe that’s a baby. Maybe that’s a painting. Maybe that’s a date. Maybe that’s a life-long-love-strong mate. What you dedicate your love and time to is up to you.

But you’ll have to start deciding what stays and what goes in terms of your passions. You are in a unique position to get a lot done in a chosen area but not necessarily a lot done in a lot of different areas. It’s ok to pick favorites. In fact you have to right now.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

You are about to enter an extremely important period of your life. It wont necessarily be shiny. It wont necessarily be outwardly impressive. It wont necessarily be fully of cash and prizes. At least not of a worldly kind. But what it will do, if you take the charge handed to you, is give you unshakeable ground to stand on. It might ask you to do some renovations. It might have you ripping up floorboards. It might have you wondering where to get comfortable. It might be a time when you see your parents’ age showing in ways you had yet to witness. It might have you moving homes, cities or surroundings (depending on your nesting issues). It might have you feeling like its high-time to confront age-old problems and situations from childhood that have been actively sidetracking you from standing your ground and claiming your space.

Its time to claim your space. Its time to lay the bricks. Its time to feel your feet and plant them firmly beneath you.

Saturdays new moon asks you to root here, to plant a seed here, to begin something here. But Saturn is heading here. Starting at the end of December, Saturn will be here for the better part of three years. Saturn slows us down. Makes us do the work. Makes us wonder if it will ever get done. Makes us wonder if its all worth it. And finally helps us see the kind of beauty that can only grow under the influence of time.

We cant build anything that will last without building it on solid ground. You are that solid ground.  Get down on it.


Libra & Libra Rising

For you the key to Saturday’s new moon is to make peace with the energies, entities and people in your community. Make offerings. Put yourself in the shoes of those around you and see if you can’t bring some extra comfort and care to your immediate environment in the spaces where it is desperately lacking. Say sweet things when it occurs to you. Give compliments freely and find value in expressing gratitude and singing the praises of the day. Give malicious gossip the cold shoulder.

Consider all those that you come into contact with during the day to be a part of your spiritual ritual. Knowing you, you’ve dedicated a lot of time, energy and heart to interacting with those that you deal with on a daily basis. But if you haven’t, you might want to start now. Do the same with your siblings if you have them. I say this because Saturn is about to enter your third house of communication, neighborhood, and siblings. The last thing you want is a silly rift with a neighbor, the mailman or your sister to disrupt you on the daily.

Another way to use the energy of this new moon and the upcoming astrology is to begin the writing/teaching projects that have been trying to beg their way onto the page. Don’t make art beg. It won’t for too long. Don’t let poetry, prose, paintings, films or images hang out in the cold space of your mind all winter without at the very least attempting to get a rough sketch of them on the page.

Or they will leave and never come back again. Ok thats a touch dramatic, but inspiration is a fickle friend.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Last call to commit for the long haul. Last chance to do your dance. The last time Saturn made a series of conjunctions to the sun in your sign was like 30 years ago. And then it did it again on October 25, 2012, then again on November 6th, 2013 and this week (November 18th) will be the last hurrah for awhile.

Its a serious sort-of Scorpio-style celebration, so wear your best gothic get-up and go. When the sun and Saturn come together its like hitting the reset button on your self-worth. Its an infusion of the task-masters best qualities and attributes (authority, autonomy, mastery). Its a straight-shot of self-esteem and determination-so knock it back without hesitation and spend some time on Tuesday honoring your inner wise one.

Saturn has been in your sign since October of 2012 and may have had you feeling like hope was lost, energy was underground or like most of what you tried to do happened at an old snail’s pace. But thats what Saturn does. It slows us down so that we get to know the ground we are treading. Saturn makes us unstable by making us feel inadequate and not up to the task of living. Saturn paints us into a corner and then laughs loudly and tells us that its time to learn how to fly. Saturn can sometimes seem to take everything from us until we see how ridiculously strong we have become under the transit. What youve done these past two years has been really hard, really beautiful and really worth it. I hope.

In Scorpio, Saturn reminds us of the impossible task of living a life with a perishable body and an inextinguishable spirit. In Scorpio, Saturn has us dealing with death and loss and hope because that is what humans do. Saturdays new moon occurs in your Second house of respecting your talents and the ways in which you pay the bills. Its time to start taking control of your finances, cleaning up any corruption there and quitting cutting corners. Time to put your money where your mouth is and finance your dreams. Time to get real with your earning potential.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

I encourage you to crack a coconut, passionfruit, pecan or any other egg shaped entity come Thursdays new moon. I encourage you to get a sense of what is breaking open in your world, you life and your psyche. I encourage you to let yourself dream your next year into being instead of getting lost in fantasy, illusion or self-deception. Big visions arent your problem. Big visions are your solution.

The only issue is your sometimes propensity to misunderstand the physical, emotional and intellectual energy it takes to get such a big scheme off the ground. You are far more apt to take wider strides than others-quite frankly such a gate would burn the rest of us out.

As Saturn approaches Sagittarius (arriving there at the end of December) you will be challenged to steady your big talk with the heavy lifting and the patience of a master. You might feel slowed down (horrors!), you might feel burdened, you might feel charged with the impossible task of birthing yourself into being unless you are able to keep your eyes on the prize. No matter how far away it might seem.

No one can tell if a life is successful until it is lived out fully.

Never ever, ever never, judge your life on what appears to have happened or not. You, her, him, them have no idea how the whole thing will come out in the end. No. Idea. And more than not, these next few months will be full, like full of creative commotion, inspiring insights and aroused ambition. It will be up to you to put all that to good use.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Look, Ill be straight with you, December looks like it will be BA-NA-NAS for all the goats in the house. For real. Bearing that in mind take this time, especially Saturdays new moon, to chill the f out. A lot is happening for you behind the scenes right now, which is exactly where it should be so dont trip if you arent exactly sure if you are working hard enough.

Trust me, you are and you will be.

This time isnt a complete letting go, its just that the work is on a psychological level more than on a mundane one. Pondering the meaning of your life and the merits of your lifes work will become more and more definite themes towards the end of the year. This Saturdays new moon is just the beginning of the beginning of that inward journey. The mountains you will be drawn to scaling will be much more about self understanding than outward achievement. It can be a lonely road but being the solitary goat that you are makes this terrain is far less terrifying than it might be to others.

You can climb to the top of anything but what is the use if its to win the favor of others? Win your own respect by sitting solo for long enough to get down to the root of what it is you want to do. For this weekend’s new moon do so by spending some time with your dreams, your reflections and your meditations or just make Saturday an all day in bed, covers over your head, make no excuse for it day of total rest and recuperation.


Aquarius & Aquarius

I woke up this morning with the phrase, “If you build it they will come.” It relates to a lot of the general astrology of the moment but I think applies to you the most succinctly. Tuesday asks you to make one final declaration of dedication to your career goals and then the energy sets sail to be fulfilled by faith and a belief that you are doing what you need to be doing. Relaxation is a big part of accomplishing any monumental task.

Having a clearer sense of who you are and what you would like to be engaged in (and what is no longer necessary to pursue) via your work in the world makes you better apt to clarify what groups of people are important for you to put your energy into and who no longer holds your attention. This is a process that will carry you through the next three years and has everything to do with noticing who in your life is actually aligned with your goals, visions and hopes.

Moving in the circles that inspire you, creating opportunities for exchanges, partnerships and collaborations is one practical step to take towards living a successful life. But more than moving in the same circles as those that float your boat it’s important that you keep creating projects, products and works of art that align you with the people, places and things that stir your soul and inspire you to do more.

Dreams depend on actions, otherwise they just become whips of wonderings, ghosts that wander around full of longing and despair. Without a plan, a definite, determined belief in yourself and some time to create the dreams that lie in wait, there isn’t much hope.

But hope is what you have in the immediate moment thanks to Saturday’s new moon in Sagittarius. Loads of hope, boatloads of dreams and a suitcase full of fancy fantasies is what this buoyant and melancholy-resistant sign cracks open in your chart. This is the time to dream with a heart full of yes I can while knowing full well that so much of it will require your yes I will attitude in order to be manifested. 


Pisces & Pisces Rising

Nothing feels as good as doing what we were meant to do and being recognized for it. Its not imperative that the efforts we put into our dreams be seen by anyone save ourselves, but its wildly heartening when they are. We are social creatures after all and you especially thrive on being able to feel like what you are doing is serving others in some way.

Saturdays new moon cracks your career goals wide open. Its an annual event so look back to see what you tend to do with this time of year. Its easy to put yourself last. Its easy to put your dreams off. Its easy to live only half a life. Easy if you dont mind being only partially alive.

Its not that living your dreams is without trial, error, mishaps and burnout. Its not that anything worth working towards isnt sometimes difficult, its that if we are going to live through difficulty it might as well be doing the thing we feel we are put on the planet to do.

You see, Saturn is about to enter into your Tenth House of a life well lived and on purpose. Saturdays new moon is the precursor to that long engagement (Saturn will be in and out, but mostly in your Tenth House for the next three years). Sufficed to say, next week would be the perfect time to clear some space so that when the light of the new moon begins to emerge (Sunday onward) you can take some definitive strides towards what you want to do most.

Creating our dream life is like creating any other relationship. We have to demonstrate that we will show up. Through thick. Through thin. Through rain. Through shine. Through doubt and through fear. This is the beginning of one of the most important engagements you can make. If, over the course of the past two years, you have been able to clarify what you believe in and have made definitive strides towards self-improvement, these next steps that move you closer to doing what it is you want to do will be a no-brainer.

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