11 Things All Curly Haired Girls Can Relate To

Girls with curly hair should receive a reward or something, because it’s a known fact we have it harder than all other girls on this planet. Seriously, you don’t understand the amount of hours we’ve spent up close and personal with a blowdryer. The time, the energy that goes into having curls … it’s exhausting. Having curly hair is like having a part-time job — and we all deserve a raise.

1. You fondly remember the day you bought your very first Chi hair straightener.

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2. The amount of money you’ve spent on Japanese hair straightening, Keratin treatments, and hair serum is slightly disturbing.

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3. You’ve probably developed some sort of health issue from all of the smoke you’ve inhaled from your tools and treatments. 

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4. You’re insanely jealous of girls who have the luxury of just letting their hair “air dry.”

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5. You’ve wished at least once that you could wake up in the morning and magically have straight hair.

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6. People find it weird that you straighten your curly hair … just so you can curl it with a curling iron later. 

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7. Summertime is the most difficult time of year.

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8. And rain is your worst enemy.

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9. You have a drawer full of cheap hair products that don’t work.

 anchorman funny

10. You are seriously judged if you even THINK about getting bangs.

curly bangs

11. And when a straight-haired person says they’re jealous of your hair, you’re like:

curly hair

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