9 Reasons Homecoming is the Best Weekend Ever

Homecoming is the greatest high school throwback that college has to offer. Not only are you now older, wiser and less painfully awkward than you were the first time the plastic crowns were up for grabs, you now have a college bar within walking distance and a newfound passion for tailgating.
Here’s a breakdown of why Homecoming is arguably the best weekend of first semester and should be appreciated for all its glory, free food, and mimosa-drinking.

1. Someone’s parents are bound to be in town, which guarantees at least a free meal or two.

There’s something about food that doesn’t require grocery shopping or cleaning dishes — it just magically tastes better.
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2. If your school is great at football, this is yet another chance to assert your dominance.

You can finally prove to your friends from home that you chose the right school.

3. Even if your school has some room for improvement on the field, this is still the moment to trot out your Friday Night Lights sports knowledge.

It’s also the perfect excuse for a pre-homecoming FNL binge to remind you that Coach Taylor is the perfect man.
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4. No one can blame you for getting a little carried away with the pre-homecoming online shopping.

I call it a free pass if it’s in the name of school spirit.

5. It’s practically a rite of passage to take your parents to happy hour at your favorite college bar.

One sip of cheap alcohol later, they’ll be reminded that bargain vodka smells like paint thinner and buy you something that doesn’t come in a plastic jug.

6. Your parents are there to offer love and Advil when you happen to feel a little “sick” after a day of tailgating.

They’ll pretend it has nothing to do with the Andre and aforementioned cheap vodka you consumed before 11 am.
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7. Canes. Chick-fil-A. Rally’s. Pick your poison.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that there’s bound to be copious amounts of fried chicken for your day-drunk eating pleasure.

8. You’ll inevitably run into every ex boyfriend/crush/DFMO while showing your parents around campus.

Use the obvious lack of viable gentleman suitors as the perfect explanation as to why you haven’t found a nice boy to bring home yet.

9. Homecoming is the ultimate reminder of how amazing your school really is.

There’s nothing like free concerts, a carnival, and perfect fall weather to make you remember why you’ll always believe that you went to best college in the country.
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