The Little Mermaid You Watched As a Kid Vs Watching It Today

Today in “you’re super old” news, it’s the 25th anniversary of the release of The Little Mermaid. When Ariel first sang “Part of Your World” there were no iPhones, no Twitter, and no Taylor Swift. Your perception of the famous finned red head has probably changed a lot in the last twenty-five years, too.

Watching The Little Mermaid as a kid, you were jealous she lived in a magical castle…

Little Mermaid 25

Now you’re kind of worried how the middle class merpeople were doing.

The Little Mermaid advice

Back then, you loved her  beautiful voice.

 The Little Mermaid sings

Now you can’t believe she gave it up for a guy!

The Little Mermaid Anniversary

Then you were excited her crush thought she was pretty!

The Little Mermaid

Now you realize her crush was completely obsessed with a girl he met when he was barely conscious.

 The Little Mermaid Eric

Then, you thought her dad was being completely unreasonable.

The Little Mermaid king

Now you think her dad should have locked her in her underwater bedroom with some triton wielding guards.

The Little Mermaid now

Then you thought the coolest thing about Ariel was her talking fish BFF.

The Little Mermaid flounder

Now it’s 100% her hair-flipping abilities.

The Little Mermaid Ariel

Then you thought Ariel was crazy for wanting to be a human instead of a mermaid.

Part of Your World

Now you still think being a mermaid is a way better deal-weirdly perfect underwater hair and no legs to shave.

The Little Mermaid advice

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