Stay Cute & Cozy In The Library In These Finals Week Finds

Winter is coming….

….Which means a few things. Some of them good: Tons of parties, presents, and pizza (’cause you know, there’s no pressure to look hot in a bikini or anything. Just go with it.) On the other hand, let’s just say we don’t love everything about the season. I personally could do with the cold or the snow or the Uggs. And if you’re in college, winter means the end of the semester, which means you’ll be taking finals soon.

Look, there’s no real way to make finals week fun. The studying, the lack of sleep, the pressure, the complete and utter absence of fun – those are all sort of inevitable. With that being said, I feel like looking cute can help you feel a little bit more human – a little more like yourself. Granted, no one wants to study in a hot, constricting little number, which is far better for going out post-finals. That’s why I’m sharing some of my favorite cute loungewear pieces that will make looking stylish in the library a cinch.

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