The DUFF Gets Its First Movie Trailer

The DUFF, the film adaptation of Kody Keplinger’s 2010 young adult novel, finally has a trailer and it’s all fans of the book could hope it to be. We’re introduced to┬áBianca (played by Mae Whitman), who is told unceremoniously by a party’s resident jerk that she’s the DUFF, or designated ugly fat friend, of her prettier, more stylish clique. Determined to break out of the label with the help of the aforementioned jerk in exchange for some tutoring (it’s a really good thing mean guys are always such poor students), Bianca’s tries to un-DUFF herself. In other news, ’90s outsider chic is totally back. It definitely shares some DNA with She’s All That (although Bianca skips the glasses and ponytail), but it looks like a solid performance from Whitman could make this the next big YA adaptation.


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