10 Musicals That Need To Be Made Into Movies

It’s a big year for Broadway fans and theater kids. This December a remake of Annie as well as the first film adaptation of Into the Woods are being released. And though there are some who worry these movies could end up more on the Nine side of the spectrum than the Chicago side, there will still be massive field trips by community theater troupes and high school drama clubs to see the musicals they love in the same theater they enjoyed this summer’s action blockbusters. But Broadway’s resources are far from depleted, there are still plenty of great musicals waiting in the wings for their shot at a movie.

1. Wicked


Wicked fans have been holding their breath for over a decade. Post-Frozen everyone is an Idina Menzel fan, the youth in general are fans of “Defying Gravity” and “For Good” after their Glee treatment, and this adaptation is way overdue.

2. Spring Awakening


As Glee has proven, Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff have pushed past their ability to believably play a teenager, and still Spring Awakening hasn’t made it to your local movie theater. Teen angst, academic pressure, and some good old fashioned barn-sex- this has classic teen flick written all over it.

3. The Book of Mormon

Seriously, how is this not a movie already? After winning all the Tonys and continuing to be one of the hardest Broadway tickets to get, people across the country deserve to be able to enjoy a performance of “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream.”


4. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee


The only tweak this Tony Award winning show would have to undergo to make it to the big screen would be to cast some actual children; full grown adults playing kids in a movie might come of  a little creepy.

5. Avenue Q


I think something we can all agree on is the fact that movies today don’t have enough puppet sex.

6. Pippin


They’ve had magic to do for over forty years, but maybe it will be the much lauded revival that will finally convinces film executives to pick up the project and make the film into a reality.

7. Ragtime


The novel Ragtime was based on already has a film adaptation, but so did the novel Les Miserables before the musical got its own movie. This soundtrack needs a showcase.

8. In the Heights


A rapping musical set in Washington Heights, this breaks so many stereotypes and conventions about what musical theater has to be it deserves to be seen widely.

9. Next to Normal


Punk rock family dysfunction at its finest, this would translate best as a Chicago-style play within a movie. And they could bring back original cast member, and now TV star, Aaron Tveit.

10. American Idiot


Hear me out-how cool would the make-up of that audience be? Punks with theater kids all but holding hands and singing Kumbaya (or at least “21 Guns”)?

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