Adorable Toddler Cries Watching a Sad Cartoon

If you’re a ’90s kid, you might remember The Chipmunk Adventure, a completely crazy children’s film that has brought this little girl, like so many others before her, to tears. A quick recap of the events leading up to this scene, because you’ll need to get a laugh in before the screen starts blurring-theChippettes (Alvin and the chipmunk’s female counterparts, with, incredibly, even higher voices) have been kidnapped by an Egyptian┬áprince and at least one has been forced into a marriage with the kidnapper (hence the toddler trick-or-treating as Jasmine costumes). To smooth over the whole kidnapping thing, the prince gives the girls a baby penguin, who does not do well in the Egyptian heat. The girls escape, the penguin’s still not doing too hot, and without any penguin medicine on hand the only thing to do is sing a song that will make toddlers and twenty-somethings everywhere burst into tears. Enjoy.



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