Barbie Can Be An Engineer, But Only Online

You learn important lessons from children’s books. Only love will make you real. Mice are super greedy. Sometimes gentleness is the biggest strength. If you seriously pig out, you’ll turn into a butterfly. But young girls aren’t going to be getting anything worth learning from the depressingly sexist Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer. While the title sounds promising, it turns out in the world of the book Barbie can’t even really be a computer user. After crashing her hard drive in spite of her magical heart shaped flash drive (which in and of itself wouldn’t be a sign of incompetence, adorably shaped flash drives all the way) she needs to enlist the help of some big smart men to get her computer up and running again.
If you’re not onboard with Barbie being such a techie damsel in distress, you can create your own story with Kathleen Tuite’s  Feminist Hacker Barbie, which lets users add their own text to the book’s very pink pages. Some sample user story lines include Barbie teaching a hapless Steven to plug a computer in and Barbie creating an app that’s probably going to make her rich. Big improvement.
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