5 Hair Products You Can Score For Free In The Dining Hall

So many things go downhill in the winter. The weather, your skin’s hydration, your energy levels… and the quality of your hair.
Cold weather and wind have a nasty way of leaving your strands dull. Dry, flat, damaged, frizzy, messy – whatever happens to your locks in the winter, my guess is that it annoys you. That’s why I’m about to suggest 5 fabulous fixes – the best part? If you’re smart about it, you can score these things for free. It’s just a matter of how sneaky your dining hall/cafeteria raiding skills are.

1. Baking Soda

Granted, you might not actually be able to hunt this down in your actual dining hall – but if I were to wager a guess, I’d say you could manage to score some free baking soda on campus (try your dorm’s kitchen- someone may have a box in there for baking or there may be some in the fridge to ward off odors. Mix the baking soda with an equal amount of water and rinse your hair with it after shampooing but before conditioning – this removes buildup like nothing else.

2. Eggs

If you can somehow snag just one uncooked egg, you’re in business. Simply crack and mix it up in a bowl and massage it into your hair, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it out really well. Again, you might have to get creative with smuggling this out of the dining hall but I would definitely say it’s within the realm of possibility. And if not, eggs happen to be pretty cheap.

3. Olive Oil

Head to that salad station, fill a little cup with olive oil and take it home for later. Then, once you’re in the shame-free safe space that is your dorm room, warm that oil up in your microwave and massage it into your hair as well as you can. Sleep with this mask on overnight, then wash it out the next morning (shampoo twice to be safe) and emerge with the softest, smoothest, silkiest hair of your life.

4. Milk & Honey

Grab a to-go coffee cup and fill ‘er up with milk from the cereal station. Add a few squeezes of honey and mix it up really well. Once you get home, get in the shower, pour the mixture over your head and gather all your hair under a shower cap. Let it sit for half an hour, then wash and condition as usual. This is an awesome hydrating mask for dry wintery hair.

5. Mayo

Okay, this is going to sound gross but…..grab a few mayo packets on your way out of the dining hall sometime. Squirt those packets (you need a lot of them but the exact amount depends on how much hair you have) into a bowl, then grab some of mayo with your hands and run it over your damp strands. Throw your hair under a shower camp and let it sit for 20 minutes or so. Wash it out thoroughly – this really helps damaged hair and adds bounce to flat, limp tresses. Again, it’s nasty when you’re actually doing it but the results are pretty incredible.

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