Miley Cyrus Mocks Kim Kardashian in the Best Way Possible

The internet didn’t exactly break when Kim Kardashian shared the greased up booty photo that’s now gracing the cover of Paper Magazine — but it did inspire other celebs to start poking fun at her. Specifically, Miley Cyrus, who shared her own sexy photo that’s making a complete mockery of the reality star. Of course Miley’s not really one to judge, considering she’s guilty of the whole I’m-taking-my-clothes-off-for-attention thing as well, but nonetheless, the photo is still awesome. This may be even better than Chelsea Handler’s attempt to diss the infamous photo.
Take a look:
miley cyrus butt instagram

This is great. Now, Miley is a tiny girl and doesn’t exactly pack much back on her own, which only makes Kim’s conveniently photoshopped tush stand out even more than usual.

kim kardashian paper mag coverI’m still in disbelief that a non-pornographic magazine featured a mother’s ass crack on their cover, but moving on. Thank you for this lovely gem, Miley.

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