Kim Kardashian's Daughter Works the Paparazzi Like Nobody's Business

Leave it to North West to master the perfect smize before the age of two. For a girl who was virtually non-existent for the first few months of her life, she’s sure been making quite a few cameos on Kim Kardashian‘s beloved Instagram page lately. Most recently, the reality star shared a photo that proved just how destined her daughter is to be in the spotlight.

“What we’re like in front of the paparazzi…”

kim kardashian north west

There’s never a moment where Kim doesn’t look fierce, fabulous and on-point. And frankly, that sounds exhausting. It really makes you wonder … does she ever go home, take off her make-up and not look like she’s posing on the cover of Vogue? Apparently if she’s with her daughter, then yes. See below:

“What we’re like at home…”

kim kardashian laughing baby
Whether you love her, hate her, or just love to hate her — you can’t deny this is a sweet photo. Click through to see North’s other adorable moments!

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