Chris Hemsworth Is People's Sexiest Man Alive: 15 Times He Proved Them Right

People magazine has crowned this year’s sexiest man alive, and it’s your Australian boyfriend Chris Hemsworth. Clearly the sexiest of the Hemsworths (narrowly beating Liam and leaving the third, often unnamed brother in the dust), Hemsworth easily slips into the role of a Norse god, because those arms are definitely not the arms of a mortal. While you might be tempted to spend the day ranting about who didn’t win the title this year (Hiddleston was robbed! You picked the wrong Chris!), you should spend the day just basking in the multi-faceted sexiness of Chris Hemsworth.

1. When he found an angle that made his arms look even better.

Chris Hemsworth arms

2. When he proved how good he’d be a Bop It!

Thor Chris Hemsworth

Twist it Thor, twist it.

3. When he artfully pulled off some the “one piece of hair in my eyes” look.

Chris Hemsworth hot photo

[Mark Metcalf/ Stringer/Getty Images]

4. When he had a little trouble with his cape (goofy can be sexy too).

Thor gag reel

5. When he paired a long jacket with a ponytail.

Thor sexy photo

6. When he pointed us right to his adorable smile.

Chris Hemsworth smile

7. When he got all dirty for Snow White and the Huntsman.

Snow White and the Huntsman

He really wears dirt well.

8. When he rocked a maroon suit.

Chris Hemsworth suit

Yes, sir, you deserve a victory fist pump.

[Jason Merritt / Staff/ Getty Images]

9. When he smiled for the camera.

Hemsworth Thor

10. When he perfected the scruffy look dressed in a hoodie.

Chris Hemsworth sexy

[Torsten Laursen/ Stringer/ Getty Images]

11. When he had the glorious locks of Thor.

Thor hair

12. When he stretched out on this bench.

Hemsworth People

13. When he gave us the gift of his abs.

Hemsworth abs

14. When he wore a leather vest and talked with his hands.

Chris Hemsworth hands

Yes, Hemsworth, use them all you want.

15. When he did this (with this face).

Thor hammer

*insert by the hammer of Thor joke here*

[Lead image via Kevin Winter/ Staff/Getty Images]

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