Kanye West Ruins Major Kardashian Tradition

As devastating as it was to hear that there won’t be a new Kardashian Christmas card this year, it’s even more heartbreaking to hear now that Kanye West is supposedly the reason. Especially since he already has a reputation for being extremely controlling. While it’s totally understandable that the rapper wants to have his own card with his own family, this has been Kim’s family tradition for years — what’s wrong with doing both and making everyone happy? Get in the Christmas spirit, Weezy.
It’s especially odd (and kind of creepy) considering Kanye admitted on Kris Jenner’s former talk show that before he started dating Kim Kardashian, he used to photoshop himself into their Christmas cards. The photo below is not a joke. It was actually featured on Kris’ show. Bible.
kardashian family christmas photo
There he is! Right in between Kim and Kylie, see him?
“I’m not that good at photoshop. I just dreamed of, you know, being next to her,” he admitted.
According to In Touch, Bruce Jenner and his ever-changing looks also makes the annual card a little awkward. Put that on top of the divorce with Kris, Rob Kardashian‘s self consciousness over his weight and Kanye’s demands, and this is just becoming way too difficult for something that’s supposed to be fun.

“There will probably never be a Kardashian family Christmas card again of all of them,” said a source.

[Lead image via Instagram]

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