Your Typical Thursday Night Pregame, As Told By the Kardashians

On many occasions, the pregame party is more important than the actual party. It’s that bonding time with your girlfriends where you discuss important topics, like penis sizes or the latest no-carb diet, and get tipsy enough to ensure you won’t spend a dime at the bar … like you would anyway. Any good party girl would tell you, if you don’t have the proper pregame, it could throw off your entire night.
Let the Kardashians explain what a typical pregame party entails …

It’s officially Thursday night which can only mean one thing… 

khloe kardashian girls night gif

You’re all set with a bottle of cheap vodka.

vodka calories gif kardashian

 You warn all your friends in advance:

funny alcoholic kardashian gif

Your girls show up like:

sombrero gif

And you can’t help but …

shake your tits gif

So, the alcohol starts flowing.

alcohol kardashians

And flowing.

chugging wine

Until you’re drunk enough that you’re making faces like this.

mason funny

You struggle to find a reason not to binge eat every single item in your fridge.

addicted to eating

And no one can judge you because you’ve already made it clear:

thursday night pregame

 One of your friends walks in wearing the shortest dress you’ve ever seen.

 whore gif

She starts telling everyone where she got her outfit and you’re like …


 You start to discuss your game plan for the night.

be cute

You call for a cab but they say it’s going to take at least 45 minutes.

annoyed gif

So you take slutty pictures in the meantime.

mother/daughter funny mean girls

And this goes on for a while …

selfies kardashians instagram

Because everyone needs to know you’re having the time of your life.

kim k instagram

After a few too many drinks, you start to get emotional …


 And kind of sick.


Your sober roommate’s like …

drunk funny

But you’re a trooper and head out for a night of debauchery.

my body is ready gif

Best. pregame. ever.

best pregame ever
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