The 'Walk of Shame Workout' Will Make You Hate Exercise a Little Less

Between the $1 beers, pizza at 3am and endless amount of cheese fries in the dining hall, those extra pounds can creep up on you without you even realizing it. But, you typically only have time to workout on the weekends, and hello? Those are already filled with your … extracurricular activities.
The downfall of partying too hard is not having the energy the next day to work off the box of Girl Scout’s cookies you binged on the night before. When you’re hungover, the last (literally LAST) thing you want to do is any form of physical activity. Everything hurts your brain and you’d much rather die a slow death in your bed with the lights off.
Well, thanks to KymNonStop on YouTube, you can still burn some cals without (hopefully) vomiting. It’s a win, win.
According to Kym, this workout “WILL kick your butt in a way that you deserve but involves no jumping or no loud music.”
Interested yet?

You Like Ugly Guys More When You're On The Pill
You Like Ugly Guys More When You're On The Pill
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