The 5 Most Underrated Boy Band Members

boy bands underrated members
To you and your fifth grade BFFs, boy bands didn’t just make catchy music-they were the center of your universe. You played their CDs until they were all scratched up, memorized their dance moves, and of course, had your favorite member of each group. While we know every single one of those boys were (and still are) incredible, some never got the attention they deserved. Here is a nod to harmonizing vocals, backup dancing, and interesting attempts at prolonging fame.


Most Popular Member: Justin Timberlake 
Most Underrated Member: Joey Fatone
joey underrated boy band members
While JT and JC got all the solos, Joey was enjoying riding the wave of fame with *NSYNC. Joey was great because he knew his role in the group and was always good for a laugh – even if he was making fun of himself (His Twitter bio reads “They call me the FAT-ONE!”). When *NSYNC fell out of sync, Joey continued to share his talents by performing on Broadway, hosting television shows like “The Singing Bee,” and appearing on “Dancing With the Stars” where he placed second!

Backstreet Boys

Most Popular Member: Nick Carter
Most Underrated Member: A.J. McLean
aj mclean Backstreet Boys
Sure, Nick was arguably the best looking, but did you know A.J. was actually the first official member of BSB? Lou Pearlman wanted to compose a vocal group based in Orlando, Florida, and bad boy A.J. auditioned in Pearlman’s living room. He made the cut and recommended Nick, Howie, and Kevin to join as they had been performing together. Kevin’s cousin Brian rounded out the group. Though he battled drug and alcohol addiction in the early 2000’s, A.J. is now sober, married, and has a daughter. You can still catch him touring with BSB.

98 Degrees

Most Popular Member: Nick Lachey
Most Underrated Member: Drew Lachey
drew 98 degrees
Poor Drew was pretty much known as “Nick’s younger brother,” but he had talent too.  After 98 Degrees parted ways, he got to show his talent on Broadway shows like Rent and Monty Python’s Spamalot. He also won the second season of “Dancing With the Stars” and returned for their All-Star season. Drew married 98 Degrees’ choreographer and dancer, and his high school sweetheart, Lea Lachey and the couple has two children. Drew and Lea run a Cincinnati-area performing arts day camp.


Most Popular Member: Ashley Parker Angel
Most Underrated Member: Dan Miller
o town
O-Town was assembled on the first season of the ABC reality television series Making the Band. Dan didn’t originally make the cut, but when one guy decided to drop out to pursue medical school, Dan was selected by the other members to join. We can forgive his chin strap because he has an amazing voice. O-Town reunited sans Ashley Parker Angel so you can see Dan on tour!

Jonas Brothers

Most Popular Member: Nick
Most Underrated Member: Kevin
Teen Choice Awards 2009 jonas brothers
Nick and Joe were heavily favored by tweens everywhere, but the oldest Jo-Bro helped launch the Jonas sensation. Nick was originally the only member of the family pursuing music, but while music producers liked his voice, they didn’t like the music. A song written and performed by the trio resulted in a record deal and the beginning of the mania. Although Kevin has left the limelight to settle down with a family, we wouldn’t even know about the family without him.

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