There’s An App For That: A Seriously High-Tech Beauty Innovation

beauty book

We’ll never get over  good beauty-themed coffee table books but even we must admit – this invention puts them to shame. The Beauty Book by photographer Kenneth Willardt is, in a nutshell, game-changing. Hold it up alongside one of the earliest printed beauty books and you can literally see how far we’ve come.

What’s so special about this book? Just like most other coffee table reads, you can flip through it, display for all to see and take iinspiration from it – but unlike your other coffee table books, this one contains moving pictures.

There is literally an app for that.The interactive experience comes via an associated iPhone and iPad app – certain pages have a symbol that indicates that they’re covered with interactive content. All you have to do win you see the symbol is hold you phone/iPad over the page to watch the entire thing come to life. It’s a pretty genius concept  and it makes us wonder how all these digital leaps are join to change things in the future.

The book is pricey but honestly, it’s a pretty stunning new achievement. It would make a great gift for any friends who interested in photography, beauty or technology and can be purchased here.  You can also find the app here. 

What’s your take on this new technology? Do you think all books are going to have an interactive component to them at some point? And if so, don’t you hope that’ll happen before you graduate? ‘Cause if there’s anything that can make studying a little bit less painful, it’s moving pictures.

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