Cosmic Candy: Horoscopes November 24th – 30th

Horoscope-Nov 24-Nov 30

This week helps us to get clear on a couple of things. Mercury conjunct Saturn (Tuesday, November 25th) will do that. It can also feel like a wall, depression or hair-pullingly frustrating halt. But the thing with being halted is it can bring us to a place of deep introspection, meditation and contemplation. Which invariably brings us clarity. Its the last time these two players will meet up in their Scorpio costumes for awhile. Like 29 years or so.

Saturn and Mercury in Scorpio bring to mind themes of espionage, spies, lies, secret ties and smoldering lovers eyes. Or am I thinking of Scandal? Same-same. These two also help us get down to our motives, our sneaky excuses and our yearning for emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy. This is great astrology for therapy or any other psychologically astute system of healing. Mercury will then enter Sagittarius on Thursday. It doesnt do so well in this sign. Its said to be in its detriment here because it gets flooded with the big picture, leans towards exaggeration and leaps to conclusions without doing the finer detailed delineations that a project might require. So go, but go with a steady gallop that will allow you to change speeds at a moments notice.

On Wednesday, November 26th the sun in Sagittarius will Square Neptune in Pisces, as everything that enters Sagittarius will (Im looking at you Mercury). A square to Neptune can confuse the situation, make it unnecessarily complicated and can arouse an unusually large desire to escape the situation. If we can sit with the desire to bolt instead of reacting to it, Neptune can lead us to some magnificently healing inspirations, creative concoctions and spiritual insights. Neptune reminds us that we are all in this together. 

On the same day Venus will trine Uranus and square Chiron-an interesting mix. A trine to Uranus excites the salutatory glands. Uranus always acts like an out-of-the-blue bad-ass, bringing opportunities through breaking existing structures. In a trine this is supportive so look for ways in which you can innovate your relationships, art and the very culture around you. A square to Chiron reminds us that you can only innovate so much without dealing with the original wound and all the wisdom that is there.

Aries & Aries Rising

This week is about getting clearer via articulating our needs. This week is about understanding how intimacy flourishes when boundaries are sturdy. This week is about naming difficult issues so they can be dealt with.

This week helps you locate, clarify and understand the things that might be getting in the way of an honest life. Speak only the truth to yourself (youll have to navigate sharing that truth with others as fits the situation) so you can be better able to to take the opportunities for leadership that are available to you.

You dont want to complicate your schedule, duties and commitments because your insecurities are running the show. Its time for you to run things as you best see fit. You have some pretty good insights, ideas and opportunities for partnering percolating and as long as you keep your wits about you and go slow enough to see any potential flaws in your plans it looks like you are primed to make some good moves in the next few moons.

Many things are about to take flight in your life. The more credit you give yourself for the work that you have done on them the further you and the work you do will travel.    

Taurus & Taurus Rising

If we age well, if we mature at all, if we dare to grow beyond trying to get our rocks off and our egos polished then what we really desire is a relationship that will challenge us to explore internally, learn and stretch our awareness, and develop a deeper relationship with ourselves in the process.

A mature relationship dynamic wakes up the parts of us that have been anesthetized for fear of feeling too much. For fear of old traumas reawakening. For fear of being seen. For fear of being known. For fear of being rejected. A mature relationship catapults us into discomfort for a time (and times) and demands that we grapple with the underbelly of our own psyche. A mature relationship brings out the best in us, the worst in us and every little gremlin in-between. But that configuration is something that can hold a life. That configuration is one that you can build on. That configuration can carry you far and make your life wide and wonderful.

Youve got a few extra batteries in your boots right now. Youve got a few good graces coming your way from the most unlikely of partners. Youve got some good energy to couple up and partner down with if you’re willing to keep it honest, straightforward and moving towards maturity. One of the most important ways to do this is to say what you mean and mean what you say. The agreements you make in all your partnerships need to be crystal clear, straight-forward and to the point. Stay far, far away from making threats or any other commitment that you dont have every intention of carrying out.

Speak what you want to come into existence. Stay away from complaining about what you dont.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Get clear on this: Your body is just a suit for your soul. Suits get wrinkled, crinkled, crumpled and torn. Suits need cleaning and caring and washing and wearing. Its easier to be in a suit that everyone adores but thats not the point. To hell with what the masses say, what say you about the duds that you have been given? The point is to love the skin you are in in spite of the deformed opinions of the people (that are mentally malnourished due to their inability to refuse the poison from on high).

You are not something to be ogled at or owned, treated as an object or an oddity. You are a human and a being and the rest is just what you wear.

Be good to your suit this week and it will be good to you back. Sit with it. Listen to it. Talk to it. Say thank you and notice if it softens. Say bless you and notice if it untangles. Say I love you as much as you can and every time you remember. This is your primary relationship. To self. To body. To mind. To Spirit. To heart.

And then there are the others.

This week carries over from the last and still bodes well for your love jones, plays your heart strings pretty and drops beats that go boom-boom in your love sockets. But there is still the danger of it getting messy if you dont pay attention to some details. You could get delusional about the dame, babe or dude in front of you if you dont keep your game tight and your ear to the ground. It could get soupy, goopy and sloppy if you dont keep your connection to you body, work and routine. Let yourself enjoy the moments that love brings and beware of your own desires to make things, bigger, better and more fantastic than they really are.

Real is good, fantasy has its flaws.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Whatever feels good in your work life should be soaked up like a dry sponge on a coffee spill. Whomever helps you out via praise, proposal or promise should be seen as a gift from the gods. All good things that come through the hard work that you have put in need to be celebrated, honored and acted on but only after you have considered, thoughtfully weighed and double checked the facts on ‘em. Its a both/and type of situation. Theres a lot of good luck around your work and an equally intoxicating effect that could have you believing the hype without making sure your bases are covered.

That and there is a substantial commitment that wants you attention. It has to do with love, sex and art. It has to do with passion, production and play. It has to do with what you pour your heart into on a daily basis. It has to do with how you deal with anger, boundaries and defenses. Your lifes work (this includes your ability to love others) wants to be recognized, loved and committed to. If you have projects that need to be put in ink on paper get to your drawing board and get it down where you can see it.

Youve put a lot into what you are passionate about. Youve put a lot into what and whom you are in love with. Youve put a lot into what you want to be known for. Now you need to clarify the details of it and make sure its a good deal for all involved.

Leo & Leo Rising

When asked by Colbert in a recent interview if she felt worthy of the praise that she has been given, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner in literature, Toni Morrison replied, I know that my books are worthy, which is separate from me. And thats the part that I really relish.

Take that sentiment, reword it, rework it and make it personal if you need to-but make it yours. Say it to yourself often and remind yourself always.

The work that comes through us is worthy of the praise that it gets. The love that moves through us is worthy of the reciprocity it gets. The rest is just our ego getting in the way. The am I worthy?/ am I unworthy? paradigm does nothing but squash the art and the artist along with it.

Greatness is not us. Greatness moves through us. Greatness uses us as its vehicle. Greatness gets us to great things but none of that can we truly claim. Its just a song placed in our hearts that we are compelled to sing. Its just a simple offering.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Its either time for conversational precision or quiet contemplation. Its either time to pipe up or shut it down. Its either time to make definitive statements or firm commitments to not say anything that isnt absolutely imperative to the situation. Its either time to tell your sister that you cant stand another thanksgiving at her house or suck it up and commit to doing it out of love for her and your commitment to healing in your family.

Its not about what is right or wrong right now, its just about being clear. Taking the time to mentally digest the facts so you can figure out if there is anything worth adding is key.

Holding your tongue can sometimes build the muscles necessary for maturity. Speaking up can sometimes build those same muscles. Make the right choices so that you know you are working  on what is necessary.

Home is still where the heart is and there is no shame in having small intimate affairs there rather than going out to big festive shindigs. This is time to make sure that you do what makes you feel good, and not be coerced by the social pressures you feel weighing on you. As much as possible pretend its a snow day.

While you are already therebuilding a relationship with your space is also the right way to go with this astrology. Make sure you feel good in every room that you have dominion over.  Feed the space with flowers, plants, crystals, healing images and whatever else makes you feel at home, at ease, rejuvenated and comforted.

Libra & Libra Rising

The more honest you can be about financial matters, the faster you will move through financial troubles. Spend time getting clear about what you can commit to, what agreements feed your lifes work and what just no longer works. Make sure that you check your psychological clutter closets for monsters and mean girls that might appear at the last moments to muck up the progress you have made.

Because you have made progress if youve been willing to address your financial affairs. Which have everything to do with how you value your time, energy and smarts. Dont get me wrong. I am in no way saying that folks with money have their self-worth straight. Not. At. All. What I am saying is that any lack of clarity when it comes to your pocket change or bank roll most likely has an emotional connection to your sense of self. So get on the self-esteem train pronto.

You are so good at giving to everyone else. You are so good at feeding all those around you. You are so good at connecting to the world socially. Spend some time giving yourself some of the same attention, praise and petting.

You are primed for a good long walk with a wonderful old friend. You are ready for a mini adventure around the town with whomever floats your boat and helps you remember how to enjoy the days. You are more than likely to make a couple of new friends around your parts. All I ask is that you make a deposit with some of that love into your own account.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Sturdy and steady with it. Get still and contemplative on it. A master watches their mind to understand themselves. Defensiveness is futile. Accept everything as information. Information that can free you. A master spends their energy observing themselves without judging if what they see within is right or wrong. What they see just is and is not denied.

Watch your mind carefully. Watch your thoughts. See which ones will help you build and which ones just want to tear you down. This is the time to build. This is the time to see what resources are available to you, which ones you need to coax to the forefront and which ones you need to polish off and shine up.

Whats nice about this moment is that you are coming into a time of self-definition that lets you know that everything you are is everything that you have. You dont need to be anything other than what you already are. Any false notion of fitting in, being cool or getting it right needs to be swiftly cutout, stomped on and left for dead. The only way to self respect is total self-acceptance. You are your own teacher, guide, guru, master and meaning maker. Impress yourself first and only.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

This week will help you get clear on the thing. The thing and things that have been stumping you, chasing you, haunting you and hounding you in old halloween getup. This week will strip it down and reveal its essence so that you can know for sure how to best deal with it. This week will help you come to grips with a part of your psychic gunk that has always been there but just out of reach, just beyond your grasp and just taunting you to tackle it. This week you will be able to say that you can now understand yourself, your fears, your complexes and your alter ego a little better.

This week also brings you a grift wrapped in sunshine and hope. This week brings you beauty, grace, excitement and a renewed sense of self. Take that gift and gallop forward with it. But not with rose colored glasses on. Not with a deluded sense of self. Not with a Im too goodor an Im too badsoundtrack. Just something in-between because that is where the truth lives.

Use what you have learned about yourself, use all of the hard psychological work that you have just done to keep you steadied, grounded and in your body. You have a whole host of gifts on their way this year. They will come at the cost of your naiveté. They will come at the cost of your arrested development. They will come at the cost of your shenanigans and your lollygagging. But all of that is a ridiculously low sum to swap for the pearls of wisdom that you will be earning, that you will be granted and that you will be wearing come your next solar return.    

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The problem with horoscopes is that if you dont live up to the predictions they tell you might feel like you cant get life right. Dont ever give anything that much power over you. If you are one of the sea-goats that has been feeling anything but steam in your jets lately Im here to say that there is no shame in that.

Mars, having been in your sign for the past couple weeks can make you feel energized and ready to take on the world, but because it went through the Uranus/Pluto square terrain it can also just have you feeling like WTF is worth actually doing when all I do seems to lead to more uncertainty? Your desires can get challenged and possibly be undergoing a great change. Allow in whatever you are learning about your motivation, about your movements and about your desire to do and to not do.

Mars isnt the only reason why this is happening though. Your ruling planet Saturn is about to shift gears to go downhill so achieving just for the sake of it just isnt as hot as it might have once been. That only means that you are maturing and entering another stage of your growth. Dont judge it. Support yourself through it.

This week Mercury and Saturn meet up in your house of friends and associates helping you to clarify a relationship or two. Work on agreements, group commitments and rules that help to organize the masses you meander with. Dont be afraid to set a boundary, speak your needs or have a clarifying conversation.

Fairly soon (December 1st) Mars and Saturn will make a sextile (a fairly stimulating aspect) and be in mutual reception (each other’s signs/domiciles/homes). What this could mark is the go ahead on what you have been working through or at least a little clarity on how to constructively move forward.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

If there is something in your career or your career aspirations that you have wanted to get on paper, get a hard copy of or get clear on the details of, get going with it. Dont shy away from the more difficult or defining conversations that will actually help your work work. Dont be afraid to be Boss, to be concise or unapologetic. Dont be afraid to be respected. Dont be afraid to take responsibility. Dont be afraid to draw a firm line.

Friends come out to help you in droves right now. People that can bring you in line with your ideals and visions do too. There is help here for you but make sure that you get your fair share and that you cover your own needs instead of just giving everything away to the masses.

Youre most likely doing some very deep inner work around your own psychological boundaries. How you might be set up to allow others to break them. How you react when this happens. How you are too keen to the whole process to allow that to continue. This is life changing and life saving information. Stay with it.

You are entering a time where you will be asked to hold an ever increasing role of authority in community. Not a power-over situation but one that brings you into yours. The more that you can step into the duties that you have with others, take charge of the position that you hold (instead of trying to pass it off to someone else) and show up as an authority in the things you hold authorship over, the happier you will be and the further you will grow.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Freedom of movement and room to roam helps you feel more at home in your work life now. Freedom to dream big and to conspire higher helps you feel like you have more agency here. Freedom is best used when we focus on our abilities to shape our life into something. Freedom and its power are best felt when shared. 

Youre looking pretty good to the world at large this week, especially your compassion, care and charisma. Extend a hand to those that reach for you. Friendly shakes go far right now. See how you might be willing to be more playful, more available and therefore better able to swim with the big fish. Illusions will get you nowhere fast but enjoy a little moment in whatever sun is shinning down on you.

Hold fast to your truth. Keep it with you, keep it on you, keep it near and dearer than anything else. Tell all you hold good counsel with (such as publishers, prophets, preachers and priestesses) of your ideas, ideals and plans you wish to commit to. Sometimes it is important to be witnessed when we are trying to get honest about something. Sometimes its important to call on those that act as guides in our life to help us hold our truth.

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