High Schoolers Protest Their School's Mishandling of a Student's Rape

Today students at Norman High School (located in Oklahoma) sent a clear message to their school’s administrators: sexual assault, and not treating sexual assault allegations seriously, won’t be tolerated. Norman high schoolers walked out of their classrooms to protest the school’s handling of three alleged rapes committed against three Norman students, recently brought to the attention of the web by an article published by Jezebel. As the Jezebel piece explained, the three victims of the alleged eighteen-year-old former Norman High School student were not helped by the administration when they were bullied in the wake of the alleged assaults.
On November 9th, the Twitter account @YesAllDaughters launched the hashtag to bring awareness to the mishandling of these allegations, and in less than a month it has been tweeted out over 3,000 times, with the hashtag now spreading images of today’s protest and the on point sign game. Check out some of the most powerful photos shared through the hashtag below.

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