DIY: Creating Your Perfect Overnight Emergency Kit

You already know what the absolute essentials to keep in your clutch if you’re heading out for the night: Cell phone, keys, lip gloss, ID – but sometimes these items just don’t cut it. And by ‘sometimes,’ I mean those nights when you don’t end up back in your own bed at the end of the night. Look, peeling your LBD back on and teetering around at 7 am in last night’s heels is never going to be fun. With that being said, if you’re sure to pack a few essentials, you can totally make yourself feel at least somewhat human. Sure, your could buy yourself a pre-made kit filled with essentials – but why spend cash when most of these items are probably lying around your dorm room anyway? Here are 10 overnight-kit essentials you should totally have on hand for your next night out. [Lead Image Via]