5 Things We Learned About Mindy Lahiri on This Week's Mindy Project

This week on The Mindy Project, Mindy tries to get Danny’s mom a date to take up a little of her butting-in energy, Tamera broke up with Morgan, and Jeremy is after an elderly doctor’s patient list.

1. She’s a Cosmo reader.

The Mindy Project recap
I mean who else is going to give her all the tips on how to have a horny autumn?

2. She has a “married and living in Connecticut” fantasy.

Danny and Mindy
Probably living in the same town Pete moved to in Mad Men.

3. She likes playing matchmaker.

The Mindy Project review
Especially with Danny’s mother. Not that she has a great success rate, but it’s the thought that counts?

4. She sees the gift of flowers as inherently suspicious.

How to Lose a Mom
Because roses obviously mean a guilty concious (but no, Danny didn’t cheat).

5. She will never stop texting nude photos.

The Mindy Project
This is Ameica after all.
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