Affordable Takes On This Season's Biggest (But Smallest) Beauty Trend

Last year it was all about the big, bold chunky jewelry – and while we’ll never not love cocktail ring and statement necklaces, we’re also on board with the newest beauty trend, one that is all about dainty little pieces. Jewels are creating gorgeous delicate little items that are big on sparkle, pieces that are perfect to balance out bold holiday party looks or add a subtle ouch of glam to your day-to-day casual looks. It’s all about the sort of pieces that you can wear all the time – barely-there earrings, thin bracelets, tiny pendants and slim rings.
Naturally, we can’t just raid the counters of high-end jewelry stores who are launching these tiny pieces….but we can certainly scoop up some of the affordable takes on the trend. Shop some of our picks below if you’re into this ladylike look.

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