8 Forgotten Kids Movies You Can Watch Right Now on Netflix

Between the snow and the multiple days of family togetherness, you run the risk of running through your childhood favorite films in a sudden rush of Thanksgiving-nostalgia and find yourself looking for more obscure ’90s family entertainment. Luckily, all these overlooked titles are now on Netflex.
1. James and the Giant Peach
Disney wanted you to associate the Tim Burton project with The Nightmare Before Christmas so badly they even put “What’s This” in the trailer. A pretty film with great source material (Roald Dahl) going for it.
2. The Babysitters Club
Make a whole day of it, watch the movie, the short lived ’90s TV show, and dig one of your old books out of storage. I recommend the one where everyone freaks out because Mary Anne cuts her hair, or the one where Mary Anne saves the little kid with the high fever. Also, for your next trivia night, this was Rachel Leigh Cook’s first movie.
3. Madeline
Seriously, this adaptation does not get enough love. The little girl is adorable, Frances McDormand is great as Miss Clavel and you’ll learn some French vocab. So, it’s educational too.
4. Snow Day
Super appropriate if you’re spending Thanksgiving in New England, appreciate the genius of making the villain “snow plow man” who plows the snow and drops the salt not because that’s his job and doing it helps prevent traffic accidents, but because he wants to rob adorable children of their god-given snow days.
5. The Prince of Egypt
Whatever your religious leanings, this was one of the best soundtracks of your childhood. Plus you’ll be more prepared when you finally sign up for that intro to world religions class.
6. Atlantis
Definitely an over looked Disney film, this story of the mystical underwater city is funny and smart, and tells a great story without the help of talking animals or elaborate musical numbers
7. The Big Green
For fans of Heavyweights, or Angels in the Outfield, or Rookie of the Year. This kids sports flick isn’t as beloved, but it’s still cute. Plus, Steven Guttenberg.
8. Anastasia
Totally an appropriate stand in for that Russian history seminar you never registered for. And rest assured, it is still as terrifying as you remember it being as a kid.
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