The 7 Best Contour Bronzers

It is so important for all of us to learn to love ourselves. With that being said, we’d all love to tweak or adjust a thing or two – it’s just human nature and that’s where makeup comes in to play.
At its best, beauty products aren’t about changing someone’s appearance, but about enhancing what’s already there. If making some slight changes to the shade of your face or simply making a subtle yet effective change for a special occasion sounds great to you, read on: We’re talking about contouring today.
Contouring is all about subtly sculpting your face – the main area we contour is right below the cheekbones. This draws that part of the face back, allowing your cheekbones to really stand out. The effect is beautiful and while it seems like a highly artistic maneuver, it can actually be achieved quite simply and with nothing more than a good bronzer. Contouring 101 involves brushing the dark color right in the hollows that appear when you suck in your cheeks. If you want to make you face look longer, make your nose look smaller or your jawline look stronger, you can use contour techniques to make all that happen as well – the general rule of them is to apply the dark color to any parts of the face that you want to visually move backwards.
As for the product you’ll use, a good matte bronzer will certainly do the trick. Check out 7 products that work really well for this purpose.

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