The Virgin Diaries: Is Your Virginity Practical?

As of late, my two favorite ways to procrastinate have been watching Family Feud and The Wendy Williams Show. Every morning Wendy’s the first person to ask me how I’m doing. She even makes me late to class because I get caught up watching her clips on YouTube. And just last week I spent an hour and a half yelling answers at The Game Show Network and insulting poorly dressed contests— in fact, cross my heart and hope to die, I’m doing it as I write this post.
Double cross my heart and hope to die a slow and painful death…I was watching Wendy just a few minutes ago.
Today her special guest was Joy Behar, that loud red haired lady from The View if you aren’t familiar with the name. Well, somehow talk of Ariana Grande slithering across a stage with her legs open led to a discussion on whether or not it’s practical to be a virgin this day in age.
Deep sigh.
Both Wendy and Joy said it’s not.
Deeper sigh.
What does that even mean? The word practical can be taken one of two ways: in the sense of achieving a goal or in the sense of having a purpose.
Everyone knows virginity doesn’t mean the same thing in society that it did however many years ago. The hymen is no longer a bartering tool to get a husband. Sure, it’s not getting my lawn mowed but by all means my virginity is doing something for me (you know, teaching me life lessons and such.) What else is it supposed to be used for?
I understand that being a 20 something year old virgin in today’s day in age is no easy feat— temptation is everywhere, shame is nowhere— but then again, it’s not. When you decide to stand for something you stand for it. That’s it. It’s called self-control.
And is moving at my own pace and having my own set of morals unpractical?
Wendy and Joy weren’t coming for me and my virgin kin by making such a statement, it was just an observation and I understand that, yet and still I didn’t appreciate it. You can chalk this entire post up to me being sensitive and in my feelings. Yes, I’m being defensive, but when someone says that one of your life choices is unpractical it makes you feel some kind of way.
Here’s a little social experiment for you if you don’t see where I’m coming from: next time you see a vegetarian, tell them their vegetarianism is unpractical. Let’s see how well they take it. is free. Let’s get some better word choice.

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