7 Universal Truths of Being in An A Capella Group

As told through the majesty that are “Pitch Perfect” gifs.

You’ve Been Unreasonably Attracted to Another Member of The Group Based Solely on Talent

But where does the hotness go when they’re done singing? WHERE?

Scheduling Anything Else is Easy Once You’ve Mastered Finding a Time When 12 People Can Meet 3 Times a Week

“Oh, what’s that? You need me to plan something, Future Work Place? I GOT THIS.”

You Will Hear a Song on The Radio and Immediately Figure Out How to A capella-fy It

You stop hearing melodies and start picking out what your part in the aca-version would be. You really don’t think it’s as weird as your non-capella friends do.

You Have a Higher Than Average Appreciation For Puns Relating to Singing

“Interchorus,” Here Comes Treble,” “ConnChords,” “Fermata Thin Air.” Just when you think you’ve heard them all, people will surprise you.

Vocal Jams Are Appropriate in Any Situation

we out
One of the many bonuses of spending all that time together is that you all know exactly what part you should be singing.

Twenty Years From Now You Will Still Remember Any and All Choreography


And you WILL embarrass your future hypothetical children with it. #mamasstillgotit

Years will go by, people will move, get married, do their thing, but once you hear a song you all performed piped into a department store, you group text immediately and there are instant replies.

“OMG is this ‘All Night Long?’ The group must hear of this!”

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