4 Signs You're In Your Crush's Bro-Zone

No love for you

While we are completely on board with Mr. Daniel Radcliffe that the idea of a “friend-zone” is a rather problematic and often misogynistic notion, we know there is nothing more painful than liking someone who simply doesn’t like you back. Unrequited love is real, and it hurts almost as much as pretty hurts Beyoncé.  Here–some clues you’re in your crush’s dreaded “bro-zone.”

You have received a noogie by way of greeting

Noogies are a no-no
Playful physical contact is usually a helpful indicator that a gentleman is in to you. But a noogie? Oof. You might as well be his little brother.

You’ve only hung out in a group setting


 You guys are friends (you might even be in some of the same classes) but you’ve never been alone in a room together and there’s probably a reason for that. If he wants to hang out with you, he’ll do all he can to do just that.

He’s a bit of an…oversharer


We’re all for opening up, but when a guy is talking to you about his daily…ahem…movements, chances are he doesn’t see you as a viable sexual candidate and he probably doesn’t want you to see him that way, either.

You’re the ‘initiator’

Git it, gurl.

It’s 2014. If you want to hang out with a guy you are going to go Khaleesi on this situation and call the shots and that is a total baller move on your part. But here’s the thing, he has never taken the time (or the initiative) to see you. Excuse us but it is time to get over him–fast. You rock! Use all that gumption and find a guy who knows how awesome you are AND wants to be with you. Trust us, there are plenty of great guys out there.

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