What Your Life Was Like The Last Time Star Wars Was In Theaters

A long time ago (OK, 1999), in a movie theater far, far away, “The Phantom Menace” (what some may refer to as the worst “Star Wars” film) was dominating at the box office. With the release of a teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams’ latest addition to the saga, “Star Wars: Episode IV – The Force Awakens,” we thought we’d take the time to remind you that this is what life was like in America the last time we had a new “Star Wars” film in theaters. Enjoy this little jaunt down memory lane.

You (Or Your Older Sister) Were Begging For Inflatable Furniture


Who could say no to a squeaky, impractical piece of furniture that would inevitable pop, breaking hearts and possibly tailbones? Oh, everyone after the year 2001? Rest in peace, being able to be “coolin’ like Britney!”

Your Tech Looked Like This

Between VHS tapes, CDs your still had to burn yourself, Nokia phones, iBooks, and Sony Walkmans it’s not hard to be in awe of all the technological advances we’ve made in 15 short years.


A Little Show Called “The Sopranos” Debuted

What is now often thought of as the greatest television drama to ever air shared a debut year with “Family Guy.” So there’s that.

There Was a Clinton in the White House

Well OK technically there’s three of them (Bill, Hil, and Chelsea). This was the year that Clinton (who would like to reiterate that he did not. have. sexual relations. with that woman.) is acquitted in his impeachment trial. Close one, Mr. President. At least the economy was booming!

“Shakespeare In Love” Wins All The Oscars

Seven to be exact. Beating out films like “Saving Private Ryan” for Best Film and “Elizabeth” for Best Costume Design, it also marked lead actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s first Oscar win. So we have 1999 to thank for GOOP.

    Some Not So Fun Stuff Was Happening, Too

Between the war in Kosovo, Dr. Kevorkian running around and killing people,  The Matt Shepard trial, and the tragic shooting at Columbine, 1999 wasn’t all choker necklaces and TRL.

Kiernan Shipka Was Born

On the grand scale of importance this isn’t exactly #1, but COME ON. THIS FASHION ASSASSIN IS 15? She’s actually and sincerely never looked bad on the red carpet and that seems a little unfair, Kiernan. Morally wrong, even.

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