Easy Holiday Crafts You Can Do In Your Dorm Room

Roll up your sleeves, it’s craftin’ time. While we’re all about sledding and snowball fights, sometimes you just want to hole up in your dorm room and create. Deck your halls with festive, wintery projects that are quick, easy, and almost too cute for words.

Winter Scenes by Delish Magazineimage003

They’re like snowglobes but not as messy to make!

Wintery Votive Holders by Craft & Creativityjars

These instructions are in Swedish AND English, but all you really need is an old jam jar and a paint pen.

Ornament Mirror by Martha Stewartmirror

Temporarily holiday-ify your mirror with just a couple ornaments and sticky putty.

Snowman Door by The Creative Stampersnowman door

Let your hallmates know you’re in the winter spirit–all you need is some tape and construction paper.

Washi Tape Advent Calendar by Pixi Mit Milch

adventThese instructions are in German, but the idea is simple: find a blank spot on your wall, tape out a Christmas tree shape with some washi tape, and then tape little numbered ornaments on the tree.


Mini Hot Cocoa Mugs by Bird’s Partycocoa mug

 An edible craft? A chocolate-based edible craft? We’re sold.

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