10 Times You Wanted Shawn Hunter to Be Your Boyfriend

Shawn Hunter BMW

This Friday Girl Meets World, aka The Continuing Adventures of Cory and Topanga, will be celebrating the holidays early by welcoming Cory’s parents, and much more importantly, (sorry Amy and Alan) Shawn. At CollegeCandy we’re so excited for the reunion of the best best friends of the ’90s we’re celebrating with five days of Boy Meets World lists and posts. And we’re kicking things off with TV’s most tortured teen in an Om shirt, Shawn Hunter.

1. When he was adorable with Angela.

Boy Meets World Shawn

2. When he was adorable with Cory.

Boy Meets World reunion

3. When he grew the goatee.

Boy Meets World angela

4. When he let Topanga know he cared about their friendship.

Boy meets World topanga

5. When he bought Angela the dog.

Boy Meets World reunion

6. When he stood up to a sexist jerk.

BMW chick like me

7. When he proved he wasn’t the jealous type.

Shawn BMW

8. When he found happiness in his friends’ happiness.

Boy Meets World wedding

9. When he tossed his hair.

Girl Meets World reunion

10. When he wasn’t afraid to ask the big questions.

Shawn BMW
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